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Highlights from the UN climate summit, where our partners tackled the biggest challenges facing a sustainable future and offered potential paths forward.

Reflections from COP26: What CEOs need to know for 2022 and beyond

Insights from the final day of the UN Conference on Climate Change
How climate change is impacting cities with Brodie Boland

What will it take to scale investment in adaptation and resilience?

Adaptation and resilience measures are critical, but substantially under-funded. Some experts say innovation and imagination will play big roles in the solution.
Climate risk and resilience with Mihir Mysore

“The impact is here”: Climate change, resilience, and the imperative to adapt

Mitigation alone isn’t going to be enough to combat climate risk. Corporates, governments, and other leaders will also need to consider adaptation and resilience plans.
Delivering on investment in nature with Robin Smale

Climate technology: A new frontier for innovation and growth

To decarbonize, many organizations will likely have to embed new technologies in their operations. That will create opportunities for incumbent companies and startups alike.

The energy transition unfolds

The transition to zero-carbon energy isn’t going to be a single shift, but a set of interrelated, system-level shifts. What will it take to get things moving quickly toward net-zero emissions?
Key challenges for CEOs in the finance sector with Cindy Levy

Mobilizing capital for the climate

For the world to achieve net-zero emissions, trillions of dollars in capital would have to be deployed. What strategies and mechanisms would enable this reallocation to take place?
Sustainability in the automotive sector with Ruth Heuss

Accelerating action for urban sustainability and resilience

Cities drive almost three-quarters of emissions and are on the front lines of climate risks. Meeting the decarbonization goals of the next decade will involve rapid changes to how people work, move, and live in them.
Decarbonizing the transport sector with Eric Hannon

About McKinsey at COP26

Harry Bowcott, Senior Partner and leader of the Sustainability Practice in the UK and Ireland, introduces our series of daily COP26 virtual events.
Why McKinsey is hosting a daily COP26 virtual event