McKinsey on Finance, Number 75

McKinsey on Finance, Number 75

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Articles in this issue

Why you’ve got to put your portfolio on the move

– We analyzed hundreds of companies, worldwide, across a decade-long business cycle. The conclusion? Winners change their business mix, year after year. Laggards sit still.

Three degrees of separation: How to successfully execute divestitures

– The seller’s focus on three key interrelated activities—defining, marketing, and disentangling—can help expedite the transfer of divested assets and increase total deal value.

What’s keeping you from divesting?

– Active portfolio management can create significant competitive advantages. Still, executives routinely shy away from separations. Here are six common roadblocks and some tips for breaking through.

Divesting with agility

– Research shows that active, efficient reallocation of resources creates better returns for companies than simply standing pat does. Here’s how to make portfolio decisions faster.

Deciding to divest? Make your preparation time count

– LiveRamp President and CFO Warren Jenson explains how all the up-front work companies do on communications, planning, and analysis can boost the odds of success in separations.

The one task the CFO should not delegate: Integrations

– The numbers show that when the finance chief is directly involved in identifying potential synergies, transformation and value-creation opportunities, and cultural pitfalls, companies see greater deal success.

Checking the health of your business partnerships

– Frequent, systematic assessments of joint ventures and alliances can reveal hidden problems and opportunities to create more value.

Wall Street versus Main Street: Why the disconnect?

– Despite turmoil in the real economy, the US stock market remains resilient because of three critical factors: the basis of valuations, the market’s composition, and investors’ expectations.

Warren Buffett: An appreciation

– As Warren Buffett turns 90, the story of one of America’s most influential and wealthy business leaders is a study in the logic and discipline of understanding future value.

Bias Busters: War games? Here’s what they’re good for

– Strategy decisions are interdependent decisions. Don’t forget to anticipate competitors’ moves when making your own.

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