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Join leading experts, senior management, and board directors inside the strategy room as they share their insights on how to break through inertia and unlock big strategic moves.

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The board’s role in building resilience

– Boards of directors can help executive teams build the foresight, response, and adaptation capabilities they need to manage future shocks.

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The role of the board in preparing for extraordinary risk

– Risks that threaten a company’s existence require unique interventions from the board.

Boards and the cloud

– A shift to the cloud requires boards to weigh numerous implications, from the technology infrastructure to cybersecurity.

Boards, talent, and culture

– Boards need to ensure that management walks the talk on culture and values.

The role of boards in fostering resilience

– The lessons learned from the current crisis can help corporate boards make the organizations they serve stronger.

Untangling the often mysterious process of joining a corporate board

– Three experts share insights on what newcomers to board service should expect.

Boards and decision making

– What the pandemic has taught board directors about high-consequence, low-probability decisions.

The board’s role during crisis and beyond

– Three seasoned board directors discuss the role boards are playing in guiding their companies toward recovery from the COVID-19... crisis.

Boards and cybersecurity

– How boards should prepare for the rising cybersecurity threat

Boards and sustainability

– How are boards leading and engaging with their organization’s sustainable initiatives and investments?

Boards, strategy and the new risk environment

– How can boards navigate the new complex risk environment?

Corporate diversity: If you don’t measure it, it won’t get done

– Progress on workplace diversity has been slow and patchy. What will it take to really change the game?

Building gender diversity on boards

– McKinsey senior partner Celia Huber explains how companies can build and benefit from gender diversity on boards.

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