In the face of volatility, CFOs—and their organizations—adapt

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As inflation and economic volatility pose mounting threats to company growth, CFOs report high volatility in their own business’s performance—and little expectation that performance will stabilize in the near term. Yet in our latest CFO pulse survey,1 respondents say they’re adapting, not hunkering down. The results suggest that finance leaders are taking proactive steps in the face of economic headwinds and enterprise risk. Since our previous survey on the topic, CFOs say they have adjusted their own priorities with performance and productivity in mind. And in the months ahead, they plan to refocus the finance organization on managing operational value drivers and key performance indicators (KPIs).

CFOs continue to report an optimistic outlook on industry growth and investment.
CFOs report evolving views on the biggest risks to their companies’ growth.
To manage a volatile environment, majorities of CFOs rank one of two strategies as the most helpful.
Of the most useful operational practices for managing volatility, CFOs tend to favor the ones in which they are personally involved.
Since the previous survey, finance leaders note several changes in the activities and areas where they’re focusing their attention.
Since Q3 2022, CFOs also report some meaningful shifts in the finance organization’s priorities for the next year.

The past year has been fraught with volatility, and the overwhelming majority of CFOs we surveyed believe the next 12 months will be just as challenging—or even more so. Yet these leaders are adapting, not retreating. Even in the face of volatility, CFOs are staying positive on investment and growth.

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