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McKinsey Regulatory Center

We support you at all stages of the M&A transaction, including stakeholder management and postmerger integration.

With the goal to secure the best possible outcome for your deal, the McKinsey Regulatory Center (MRC) provides you with the tools and support to engage in the most effective manner with competition authorities in the European Union, the United States, and beyond.

Every year, large businesses engage in M&A to maximize value for shareholders. Tapping into this potential, however, often requires up-front regulatory approval, with the risk that competition authorities prohibit the deal or require divestments or commitments.

Companies can mitigate this threat to their M&A strategies and make the outcome of the merger-control process more predictable. Engaging early with regulators, providing a consistent narrative, and offering supportive economic evidence have proven valuable in getting deals approved. The MRC works to help you navigate the merger-control process across jurisdictions.

Featured experts

Robin Nuttall

Partner, London

How we help clients

We, together with your other advisers, orchestrate regulatory processes to protect deal value.

Build merger narratives

We prepare a high-level story line of your merger tailored to key stakeholders, with support from our comprehensive business insights and industry expertise.

Assess impact of merger on competition

We model the expected impact of your merger on prices, quality, and innovation in relevant markets to prepare concrete remedy scenarios.

Prepare moments of truth with regulators

We prepare your team by role-playing key interactions with stakeholders to ensure flawless execution.

Prepare moments of truth with regulators

We review deal rationale, deal value, and “walk away” conditions for your board and top executives from an independent perspective as negotiations progress.

Advise on remedy packages

We assess, in detail, potential remedy packages (for example, business disposal and network access) from strategic and financial perspectives and build profit-and-loss statements for potential remedy takers when relevant.

Our impact

Supporting two telecom players through a merger clearance

Crafting a remedy package preserving the parties’ interests while providing supportive evidence of the remedy’s ability to preserve competition in order to secure clearance.

Assisting a remedy taker in shaping the outcome of a merger clearance

Securing the acquisition of divested assets through modeling the effects of the merger on price and demonstrating the adequacy of our client as a remedy taker

Helping a party in a US megamerger

Ensuring congruence between the merger simulation, deal M&A model, and equity story to design a coherent narrative for the regulators