McKinsey on Risk, Number 12, April 2022
Number 12, April 2022

McKinsey on Risk, Number 12, April 2022

Gearing up for life beyond the crisis, organizations face an array of risks. In our latest issue of McKinsey on Risk, we offer our unique perspectives about the imperatives of strengthening institutional resilience.

Articles in this issue


Three keys to a resilient postpandemic recovery

– The path to sustainable, inclusive growth lies in building resilience now.

From risk management to strategic resilience

– Senior executives at leading companies reveal their commitment to move from defensive risk management to a forward-looking stance based on strategic resilience.

Financial institutions and nonfinancial risk: How corporates build resilience

– As nonfinancial companies move from enterprise risk management to a resilience-based approach, their experience in nonfinancial risk can provide a model for banks.

Lessons from banking to improve risk and compliance and speed up digital transformations

– Banks are beginning to put in place a new approach to risk and compliance that accelerates their digital transformations and improves outcomes.

Aligning portfolios with climate goals: A new approach for financial institutions

– Portfolio-alignment tools will help financial institutions chart more scientifically robust, realistic, and profitable climate strategies.

Ransomware prevention: How organizations can fight back

– Ransomware has rapidly become one of the top cybersecurity nightmares. Strategies for prevention, preparation, response, and recovery can help.

Model risk management 2.0 evolves to address continued uncertainty of risk-related events

– Organizations this year plan to enhance their MRM framework capabilities—including risk culture, standards, and procedures—and to upgrade their validation resources with MRM 2.0 firmly on the agenda.


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