McKinsey on Risk, Issue 1 Summer 2016
Number 1, Summer 2016

McKinsey on Risk, Number 1, Summer 2016

A new publication that brings together the best thinking from McKinsey’s Global Risk Practice.

Articles in this issue


The future of bank risk management

– Banks have made dramatic changes to risk management in the past decade—and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing. Here are six initiatives to help them stay ahead.

Nonfinancial risk: A growing challenge for the bank

– With credit and market risks now under better control, the focus is shifting to nonfinancial risks. Managing these well will require big shifts in banks’ practices.

Compliance in 2016: More than just following rules

– The traditional approach is losing effectiveness. Banks must turn the page and build a new model.

The evolving role of credit portfolio management

– Banks can no longer manage loan books in isolation. A new survey reveals how portfolio managers are dealing with growing complexity.

‘The ghost in the machine’: Managing technology risk

– Technological risks are becoming more prominent—and more dangerous. Six principles can guide banks as they manage them.

Transforming enterprise risk management for value in the insurance industry

– Leading insurers are retooling the role of their risk function from incident response and compliance to an essential partner in advancing the business strategy.

The value in digitally transforming credit risk management

– To withstand new regulatory pressures, investor expectations, and innovative competitors, banks need to reset their value focus and digitize their credit risk processes.

SREP: How Europe’s banks can adapt to the new risk-based supervisory playbook

– The first round of Europe’s new supervisory process is in the books, and the next one is under way. Banks are likely to face new challenges from heightened supervisory expectations.

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