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End-to-end AI transformation

We partner with organizations on the journey to successfully adopt AI at scale

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is high on the agenda of CEOs in many major organizations. AI adoption is continuing its steady rise and its impact on the bottom line is growing — our latest research shows that a majority of firms have adopted AI in at least one function. And nearly two-thirds say their companies’ investments in AI will continue to increase over the next three years.

However, many business leaders are investing in yesterday’s technology or installing complex tools without retraining their teams. These organizations fail to scale — and don’t capture the transformative potential of AI.

Our clients take a different path. At QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey we blend the creativity and expertise of an organization’s people with the strength of AI. The result? Sustainable impact.

From inspiring change and identifying use cases, to building tech stacks and lasting capabilities, our work maximizes value across the entire AI transformation journey.


AI-fluent industry experts dedicated to driving value through deep domain expertise


data science and data engineering technologists


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We blend the deep domain expertise of our people with our industry-leading tech stack to help clients adopt and embed AI technology at scale.

Set an aspiration

We partner with clients to explore what’s possible with AI to set an inspiring vision that wins support across the organization.

Shape a strategy

With a full picture of an organization’s current capabilities and strategic vision, we build the business case for AI transformation and develop a roadmap to achieve it.

Kickstart the journey

We test and learn by developing pilot models, building core data pipelines, and mitigating risk and bias while measuring value. With a strong foundation, we prepare for scaling and adoption across the rest of the organization.

Accelerate impact

We scale AI applications while evolving tech stacks, debiasing models and embedding risk mitigation as we upskill talent. Our customized learning journeys ensure teams have the skills, mindset, and methods to win with AI.

Ensure change at scale

We build capabilities in tandem with technology to ensure organizations have sustainable solutions and the necessary tools and skills to keep innovating and improving. Our method embeds insights, processes, and new ways of working, while paving the way for transformations to come.


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Noble Intelligence

Noble Intelligence, an initiative by McKinsey & Company, is engaging nongovernmental organizations, respected think tanks, and industry leaders as part of a global movement to responsibly use technology to benefit society and the environment.
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QuantumBlack Labs

Dedicated to accelerating impact through innovation

Our center of learning dedicated to driving innovation and experimentation in AI, where technologists, designers, and product managers build cutting-edge tools and assets that reduce risk and accelerate impact at every stage of the transformation journey.


Data Transformation

We help organizations unlock the value of their data and build performance by making lasting improvements in technology, processes, and capabilities

Internet of Things

We help clients turn IoT into real business value with improved operations, connected products and services, and entirely new businesses.