The Lean Management Enterprise

The lean management enterprise

A system for daily progress, meaningful purpose, and lasting value.

Delivering value efficiently to the customer


Interview with Marcus Toremar, lean manager, Swedish Migration Board

Lean management helped an immigration agency facing intense scrutiny reduce wait times by two-thirds while meeting budgetary, legal, and policy constraints.

Enabling people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential


Interview with Bryan Robertson, former director of lean transformation, Direct Line Group

At a UK-based insurer, profound cultural change is not only increasing efficiency—it is enabling employees to achieve things they never thought they could do.

Discovering better ways of working


Interview with Martin Lippert, former chief operating officer of TDC

For TDC, Denmark's largest telecoms provider, a lean-management transformation has been a "necessary condition" for investing in future growth.

Connecting strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose


Interview with Carlos Zuleta Londoño, chief operating officer of Porvenir

At Colombia's largest private pension fund, lean management has unleashed innovation across the organization.

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Being Lean

Over time, organizations of all kinds—whether manufacturers or service providers, governments or not-for-profits—become awfully complicated. Lean management helps them engage all of their people, at every level, to help the entire organization work better: delivering more for customers, building stronger capabilities, finding new and better ways of working, and renewing a sense of common purpose.

External recognition


Shingo Research Award

McKinsey is honored to have received a 2014 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award for “The Lean Management Enterprise.”



Transforming expert organizations

– Improving operations and client experience in B2B organizations is hard because they rely so heavily on highly skilled experts.... But those experts can also be the source of a solution.

Speed and scale: Unlocking digital value in customer journeys

– Even as organizations assemble digital building blocks for the long term, they also need short-term, pragmatic moves that meet... customer expectations and protect core businesses today.

A new order for law

– One law firm’s story shows how lean management can transform even the most complicated, tradition-bound, and intellectually... demanding of businesses.

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Insurance

– For insurers, the next improvement opportunity is to build a management structure that will enable them to keep improving. Creating... the right processes and habits requires a deep commitment, but the resulting transformation leaves an institution far stronger.

Bringing out the best in people

– Providing good service has never been easy. Meeting rising customer expectations requires companies focus on building the capabilities... their people need to make full use of their talents.