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Role Description

Data Engineering

Bring data together to create analytics and insights to help our clients make smarter decisions.

You’ll transform how our clients use technology and help them discover better insights. You’ll unlock data and develop tools so our clients can make quicker, more confident decisions.

Whether it’s data-related diagnostics, social-media sentiment analysis, or complex pricing models, your work will revolutionize how our clients think and act. You’ll also transform their abilities for the long term—focusing on capability building at every turn.

A complex world of data
—made simple.

Who you are

You’re an experienced operator—but still an active and curious technician, always learning new tools.

You’re adept with statistical-data analysis and data-mining packages like SAS, SPSS, and MatLab, plus big data platforms like Hadoop, Hive, and Pig. But you’re not afraid to seek out new techniques to reach the right solution.

You’ve a naturally active, enthusiastic contributor. You’ve played your part in large, data-centric projects. You’ve participated in technical communities and interest groups, writing and speaking about their ideas.

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