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Learning & Capability Building

Successful programmatic acquirers have distinctive capabilities across all the stages of M&A. This includes strategy and sourcing, due diligence and deal execution, integration planning and execution, and creating an M&A operating model. We help clients by doing the following:

  • Bringing the right tools, skills, and capabilities to accelerate deal making. Our battle-tested tools and hundreds of M&A global experts assure speed and effective execution. Our experts include deeply skilled transactions practitioners and capability-building coaches who are experienced in helping clients overcome roadblocks in diverse M&A environments.
  • Bridging corporate-deal and sector (business unit) expertise more effectively. We help clients design organizations and clarify responsibilities to enable corporate and business-unit teams to increase the pace and quality of M&A activity.
  • Codifying institutional insights. After transactions, we run postmortems, capture learning, and build and refresh playbooks across all the stages of M&A to ensure that all client M&A activity reflects best practices.
  • Strengthening client capabilities needed to build NewCo. We align top teams on the NewCo leadership approach and tailor capability-building programs to achieve culture and synergy targets as well as broader integration objectives.

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