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Accelerating tech-enabled growth

The best of tech-enabled growth is here.

Most organizations know that technology and advanced analytics are key enablers of growth transformations. But to fully realize the potential opportunity and see enormous gains, you need to have the right tech-enabled capabilities, expertise, and an unrivaled bench of practitioners with analytical depth and foresight to turn data into valuable insights. Otherwise, it can derail your growth transformation efforts.

This is why McKinsey Sciences for Growth exists.

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Interconnected capabilities to drive holistic impact

We help you accelerate growth and sustain value by bringing the best of McKinsey’s AI-powered intelligence, tech-enabled capabilities, and a 1,000+ strong global community of practitioners with the know-how across strategy, AI, digital, and technology.

We do this by combining deep functional and sector expertise, a suite of proprietary technology, and core capabilities to help you drive market-leading growth.

How we drive impact

AI-powered insights

Drawing on QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey’s capabilities, we help you unlock the power of AI to make sense of complex data, pinpoint where the greatest value lies, and sustain impact over time.

Fit-for-growth technology

We bring value-building capabilities to you and your teams, including a suite of proprietary technology and platforms which act as force multipliers of innovation and improved performance.

Delivery and sustainable operations

From implementation to operations, we help you deliver organizational success and sustain the full impact of transformations across digital commerce, customer experience, pricing, sales growth, and marketing.

Our approach

When strategy, advanced analytics, and technology are combined with human-led insights, clients can achieve superior performance and catalyze above-market growth.
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Foundational offerings. Accelerated impact.

We serve as impact partners to help our clients drive sustainable growth transformations, leveraging proprietary analytics and diagnostics capabilities to uncover high-potential opportunities for revenue growth.

Pricing & Revenue Growth Management

Award-winning, industry-recognized, Periscope by McKinsey analyzes the complex dynamics of market insights, customer willingness to pay, inflation, promotions and contract performance to optimize pricing and margin decisions in retail, CPG, and B2B industries. We help companies realize 2–6% long-term, trackable ROS margin lift across commercial levers.


Introducing CustomerOne. It’s a proven approach to help organizations realize 10–20% in revenue lift. It draws on advanced analytics, powered by QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, ready-to-use assets and technology, agile operating models, and capability-building to empower marketing and sales teams to optimize customer value management, sales growth, and pricing decisions.

Digital Commerce

Digital Marketing Operations & Technology helps companies assess, strategize, and implement data, analytics, and marketing-technology solutions. It brings together distinctive commerce and operations capabilities with a full-suite of marketing and technology offerings to hyper-personalize and hyperscale digital commerce transformation.

Experience DNA

Experience DNA is a quantum leap in customer experience, empowering companies with a strategic tool to drive competitive advantage by predicting the financial value for each customer segment. By creating a 360-degree integration of experience, data and signals with more than 50% of contacts personalized, Experience DNA helps realize 10–20% uplift in revenue.

Our leadership

We strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our website. If you would like information about this content we will be happy to work with you. Please email us at:

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