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M&A Strategy & Due Diligence

Some companies treat M&A as a strategy. That’s not our view. Instead, we believe M&A is an important enabler of strategy and long-term value. We work closely with clients to create a clear M&A blueprint that accelerates their progress toward strategic goals.

  • Broad perspective on M&A. We help clients determine which sectors and functions offer the most potential, based on deep understanding of industry value chains and the underlying economics. We also help assess capabilities to execute a given transaction, determine what investors are willing to support, and identify sources of advantage relative to competitive offerings.
  • Long-term, objective view. Our insights and fact-based view help clients determine how well M&A programs enable strategies, support growth, and provide value to shareholders.
  • Unrivaled specificity. Successful M&A programs require precision to find the best targets at the best valuation. Our M&A blueprints reflect clients’ unique competitive advantages and take market and regulatory trends into account.
  • Deep understanding of the value at stake. We help our clients apply the technical principles of valuation to their strategic decision making, M&A approaches, and managerial practices, as described in our book Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies (John Wiley & Sons, 2015), now in its sixth edition.

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M&A as competitive advantage

– Treating M&A as a strategic capability can give companies an edge that their peers will struggle to replicate.

Taking a longer-term look at M&A value creation

– Companies that do many small deals can outperform their peers—if they have the right skills. But they need more than skill to... succeed in large deals.

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