Many things can compromise a deal that looks great on paper—a misaligned management team, cultural conflicts, a slow integration process, disruptions that reach customers or businesses, a lack of value-creation rigor, or aspirations that fail to capitalize on transformational opportunities. We help clients address the most critical success factors from start to finish, and we mitigate risks inherent in every deal.

  • Integration across functions. Our expertise across all functional areas, including commercial (for example, sales, R&D, and product development), operations (such as manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement), and enabling functions (for instance, technology), helps clients achieve maximum value and a smooth path to integration.
  • Master planning. Our jointly led Integration Management Office creates a comprehensive plan to manage key risks and interdependencies, speed integration activities, and achieve the aspirations of the deal.
  • Value capture. We help clients build an “apples to apples” financial baseline, set synergy targets, and execute value-capture initiatives. We encourage clients to aim higher and typically identify cost and revenue synergy opportunities that exceed due-diligence estimates by 30 to 150 percent.
  • Organizational design and talent management. We help clients shape their organizational structure and operating model to support their strategies and retain key talent during integration and after close.
  • Culture and change management. Culture — “the way we do things around here” — can pose a significant obstacle to successful integration. We help clients measure and manage cultural compatibility, incorporating more than 100 actions to minimize the risk of a culture clash.
  • Communication. We draw on multiple disciplines, including change management and psychology, to help clients shape perceptions about the wisdom of their deals, reassure stakeholders, and build optimism about NewCo’s prospects.
  • Technology. We create a blueprint for the IT end state and build digital solutions and capabilities that turn technology into a true source of value.

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