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Simon Blackburn
Senior Partner, Sydney
Helps public- and private-sector clients achieve lasting improvements in their performance, with a focus on implementing transformational...
Chris Bradley
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Asia and works on strategic transformations for organisations across Australia’s...
Damien Bruce
Senior Partner, Melbourne
Leads McKinsey’s Health & Public Sector work in Australia, with a focus on health, aged care, social services, infrastructure...
Brant Carson
Partner, Sydney
Advises financial institutions and telecom companies on holistic digital transformation and business technology, from strategy...
Jenny Child
Partner, Sydney
Leads the consumer and retail work in Australia and New Zealand and supports consumer-facing clients to drive growth in today’s...
Jennifer Davies
Partner, Melbourne
Brings experience in leading major business performance transformations that deliver bottom-line impact across various industries
Angus Dawson
Managing Partner, McKinsey Australia and New Zealand
Leads McKinsey’s work in Australia and New Zealand and serves clients through periods of intense strategic, regulatory, and technology-based...
Lee de Vryer
Partner, Melbourne
Coleads McKinsey’s M&A work in Asia-Pacific and has deep experience in global energy and materials
James Deighton
Partner, Melbourne
Partners with senior executives to deliver large-scale transformations with deep experience in end-to-end simplification and digitisation...
David Dyer
Partner, Melbourne
Leads our work in Asia on reputation, government, and regulatory-strategy topics; also supports private- and public-sector clients...
Michael Ellis
Senior Partner, Sydney
Brings 25 years of experience to his work with leading energy and mining clients in Asia, Australia, and the United States
Rod Farmer
Associate Partner, Sydney
Leads customer experience and design in APAC for McKinsey Digital and is a recognized thought leader in human-centered design,...
Adrian Finlayson
Partner, Melbourne
Advises on radical performance transformations across numerous geographies and industries as an experienced partner to senior...
Ben Fletcher
Partner, Sydney
Brings deep expertise in commercial transformation topics, including strategic marketing and marketing & sales organisation design
Dr. Tim Fountaine
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey Analytics in Australia and New Zealand and advises healthcare leaders on a range of policy and operational issues
Jovita Gartlan
RTS Senior Vice President, Melbourne
Advises and leads clients through transformation programs, drawing on over 100 M&A engagements covering multiple industries
Dorian Gärtner
Partner, Sydney
Serves clients across a broad range of industries with a focus on business technology, including IT strategy, operating-model...
Stephan Görner
Senior Partner, Sydney
Supports leading global players in the mining, steel, and power industries in operations improvement, supply-chain management,...
Andrew Grant
Senior Partner, Auckland
Advises government entities on strategy, with a focus on economic development, civil-service reform, health care, and infrastructure
Brett Grehan
Senior Partner, Sydney
Combines broad cross-sector experience with deep expertise in marketing and strategy to help clients transform global marketing...
Chris Hartley
Partner, Melbourne
Leads rapid transformation work across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, banking, and energy, with expertise in...
Christiaan Heyning
Partner, Perth
Founding partner of McKinsey’s Perth office and leader of our Oil & Gas Practice in Australia as well as our digital and analytics...
Tip Huizenga
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads clients through comprehensive restructuring and transformation programs, drawing on substantial expertise in oil and gas,...
Jason Inacio
Partner, Sydney
Leverages expertise in agile transformation to enable new ways of working across the enterprise that increase value while boosting...
Katia Khvatova
Partner, Sydney
Leads our Telecommunications and Marketing & Sales Practices, with a focus on delivering impact through commercial transformations
Simon Kennedy
Partner, Sydney
Leader in Australia’s Public Sector Practice, bringing global expertise on infrastructure, economic development, and transportation
Eser Keskiner
Partner , Sydney
Advises investment institutions across a diverse set of issues, including strategy, organisation, and deal-level work
Cameron Leitch
Partner, Melbourne
Cofounder of the RTS practice in Australia; passionate about driving large-scale transformation across a range of industries and...
Olivia Loadwick
Associate Partner, Sydney
Advises senior stakeholders in the financial-services sector on significant transformational change, strategy and corporate finance,...
John Lydon
Senior Partner, Sydney
Acts as a client counsellor to Australia's and New Zealand's leading organisations and one of the global leaders of McKinsey Implementation
Jonathan Michael
Partner, Sydney
Advises banks, insurers, and asset managers, focusing on strategy, distribution, and regulation
Hassan Noura
Associate Partner, Sydney
Helps government entities across Australia design and implement major economic strategies and market regulations
Emma Petherick
Partner, Brisbane
Works with clients to achieve performance transformations, with a focus on organisation and system design, culture, and performance...
Gary Pinshaw
Senior Partner, Sydney
Works with leading investors and corporations to identify and evaluate investment and growth opportunities, and helps organisations...
Pierre Pont
Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Australia and New Zealand, with deep experience shaping strategy and...
David Pralong
Senior Partner, Auckland
Trusted by clients across industries and geographies for his expertise in corporate transformations and portfolio restructuring
Prabhav Sharma
Partner, Perth
Advises clients in the resources sector on unlocking step-change productivity gains through operational excellence and innovation
Vicki Slavina
Associate Partner, Sydney
Supports clients on rapid commercial transformations as a leader in the Australia and New Zealand Marketing & Sales Practice
Charlie Taylor
Senior Partner, Sydney
Focuses on public-sector clients and leads the Healthcare Systems & Services Practice in Australia
Joseph Tesvic
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s Asia-Pacific Operations Practice, working across industries and helping clients achieve results through operational,...
Seckin Ungur
Associate Partner, Sydney
Serves clients on delivering major transformations, with a focus on improving citizen outcomes and organisational culture
Naveen Unni
Partner, Perth
Passionate about transforming organisations sustainability and building new digital and analytics capabilities
Jasper van Halder
Associate Partner, Auckland
Advises companies in a variety of industries as they pursue cultural and performance transformations, drawing on expertise in...
Wesley Walden
Senior Partner, Melbourne
Leads transformation work across the Asia-Pacific region, advising clients on enterprise transformations with a focus on strategy,...

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