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African banking: The productivity opportunity

– African banks can increase their productivity to enhance competitiveness, build resilience, and deliver new value to customers—even in the face of a tightening global business environment.


McKinsey Africa podcast with Paga CEO Tayo Oviosu

– Africa’s fintechs have established a solid footing in the market, helping to drive forward innovation and financial inclusion. We talk to Tayo Oviosu, founder and CEO of Paga, about the potential of this sector.

The future of payments in Africa

– Innovations, entrepreneurs, and capital are reshaping Africa’s fast-growing electronic-payments landscape with solutions for consumers and businesses alike.

Fintech in Africa: The end of the beginning

– Africa’s fintech industry is coming of age. In the face of political and economic challenges and a global pandemic, fintech on the continent is booming. Here’s what comes next.

A data-driven approach to addressing COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Africa

– To help improve COVID-19 vaccination rates across Africa, stakeholders may consider improving research efforts to gain a better understanding of barriers and drivers behind population vaccine uptake.

Nature and financial institutions in Africa: A first assessment of opportunities and risks

– Africa’s climate resilience can be strengthened by redefining its economic model to leverage natural capital and designing financial systems to redirect critical nature-based investments.

The future of African oil and gas: Positioning for the energy transition

With momentum for sustainability building, Africa’s oil and gas producing nations have a unique opportunity to embark on an inclusive energy transition and chart a course toward a sustainable future.

McKinsey Africa podcast with Mukuru CEO Andy Jury

– In Africa, fintechs are helping to drive forward key strategic priorities such as financial inclusion, as well as make the established banking players reinvigorate innovation. We talk to Andy Jury, the CEO of Mukuru about the potential of this sector.

Stretched South African consumers put health and sustainability on the shopping list

– Two years into the COVID19 pandemic, South African consumers are still facing economic challenges. But they are willing to pay for what really matters to them. In this article, we explore the implications of changing consumer sentiment and behavior for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers in South Africa.

Unlocking digital healthcare in lower- and middle-income countries

– COVID-19 led many healthcare systems in lower- and middle-income countries to adapt digital-healthcare platforms.

Green Africa: A growth and resilience agenda for the continent

– How the global climate agenda creates opportunities for Africa to build resilience, catalyze sustainable growth, and contribute to the net-zero transition.

Africa’s green manufacturing crossroads: Choices for a low-carbon industrial future

– In Africa, the decarbonization of the manufacturing sector and economic growth and industrialization can go hand in hand; the choices the continent makes now will be critical for its future success and prosperity.
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