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How did this alum’s mom inspire him to create a $4B startup?

– Robert Reffkin watched his real-estate-agent mother struggle with subpar tools and saw an opportunity. His startup Compass is now valued at over $4B, has opened in more than 20 markets across the U.S., and is eyeing an international expansion. He still seeks advice from his mom.
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No VC under the tree: Inside a revolutionary Christmas company

– The greenery may be artificial, but there is nothing fake about the passion alum Mac Harman has for creating lifelike trees –... and for giving his employees a great place to work.
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Eight alumni on Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ U.S. and Canada list

The prestigious list includes innovators in healthcare, consumer tech, education, law and policy, and more.
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A better internet? What this alum is doing to make it happen

– Structure, science fiction, and serendipity: alum Shirley Chen discusses how her company Narrativ is building a better internet,... how the novel “Dune” has impacted her life, and what part sheer chance has played in her career.


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