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Meet the 4 alumni on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list for 2024

In its annual '30 Under 30' lists, Forbes seeks to recognize the most innovative, creative, and driven young leaders in a wide range of industries. Four alumni are included on the recently released Europe list for 2024. (Click here to see here which McKinsey alums were included on the North America and Middle East lists for this year; the Asia list is still pending.)

Please join us in congratulating them!

Image of Dom Maskell
Dom Maskell (LOND 16-16, 18-21)
Co-founder and CEO, Runna

Dom is one of two co-founders behind Runna, the world’s top-rated personalized running coaching app. Launched in 2021, the app is now used by hundreds of thousands of runners from more than 180 countries. Runna incorporates advanced technology combined with real-world running and strength and conditioning plans and workouts from top running coaches to personalize each user’s experience based on their ability, goals and schedule.

"Honestly, making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list has been a dream for as long as I can remember,” Dom says. “When I left McKinsey to start Runna three years ago, I had no idea we'd ever make it to market, let alone reach this point. We definitely couldn't have done it without our first team members who also quit their jobs and took big pay cuts to join us from the start.”

Dom says he has three goals for the next year: “Continuing to work with and grow our incredible team in London; continuing to build the world's #1 running training app – we have so many features that we'll be releasing this year! – and expanding to the U.S."

Image of Clara Ricard
Clara Ricard (LONK 18-20)
Principal, Transition

Clara is a founding member and current Principal at Transition, a European VC firm focused on climate tech startups. With $124 million in AUM, the firm specializes in Seed and Series A investments.

In a Q&A on Transition’s website, Clara says, “My goal is to keep a generalist investor mindset despite being a climate specialist. That means building conviction on the founding team and market demand signals, and avoiding having too strong of an opinion about how certain sectors will evolve. I love to meet founders that have a unique perspective and challenge my worldview.”

Image of Heiner Stinner
Heiner Stinner (BERL, MUNI 18-18, 19-19)
Co-founder, Throne

Heiner is the co-founder of Throne, a leading gifting platform for creators. More than 500,000 creators from nearly 90 countries use Throne's all-in-one wishlist builder to let their fans support them in a way that protects their privacy.

“To be featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list is definitively a great recognition for the last ten years of work,” Heiner says. “I am deeply grateful for everyone who helped me along the way.”

Image of Hasan Sukkar
Hasan Sukkar (LOND 20-22)
Founder, 11x

11x, which Hasan launched last year, has a big goal: to automate every single mundane and repetitive task. “11x is pioneering a new era of AI digital workers,” he said in a LinkedIn post. “Large Language Models enable a completely new paradigm to process automation – and our digital workers can help companies automate not just individual tasks or simple workflows but entire end-to-end processes.”

He added, “We started by building Alice, the world's first AI-powered Sales Development Rep – and our early customers have been able to grow faster and better. You can hire Alice now and onboard her to your team.”

Hasan told us, “I am honored to be on the list and am looking forward to delivering our vision as a company and unleashing the era of digital workers.”

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