Forbes 30 under 30: Middle East

Alexander Boulenger
Alexandre Boulenger (GENE 15-15, 17-19)
Co-founder and CEO, Genify
Category: Commerce and Finance


"I was motivated by a desire to build software products that solve data and complex engineering problems in entirely novel ways and my fascination for the ingenuity of API and data business models. They are often an invisible layer in the value chain but offer much value and are highly scalable."

Reda Reda
Reda Reda (DUBA, RIYA 19-22)
Co-founder, Amwal Tech
Category: Commerce and Finance


"Two years ago, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey after three years at McKinsey. My motivation was rooted in a desire to not only apply strategic insights and problem-solving skills but also to create a tangible impact by building something innovative and transformative. The startup environment has given me the exhilarating opportunity to shape my vision, navigate challenges, and foster a dynamic team culture."

Forbes 30 under 30: North America

Image of Celina Qi, Christophe Rimann, and Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee (SANF 19-20), Celina Qi (SANF 19-20), and Christophe Rimann (SANF 19-20)
Co-founders, Juniper
Category: Healthcare
Megha Agarwal
Megha Agarwal (SUMM 18-22)
Co-founder and Executive Director, The Bridge Project
Category: Social Impact
Justice Betty
Justice Betty (TORO 18-21)
Co-founder, Révolutionnaire
Category: Art & Style
Austin Boral
Austin Boral (DCG 16-19)
Co-founder, Civic Roundtable
Category: Social Impact
Hassan Lantry
Hassan Lantry (PARI 20-22)
Co-founder, evoly
Category: Energy
Tim Makalinao
Tim Makalinao (SUMM 18-20)
Co-founder and CEO, Bandana
Category: Consumer Tech
Nick Ornitz
Nick Ornitz (STAM 16-19)
Co-founder and CEO, Topline Pro
Category: Enterprise Tech
Keeton Ross
Keeton Ross (DETR, STTL 17-21)
Co-founder, Holocene
Category: Energy
Kelsey Szot
Kelsey Szot (Schroeder) (NYWT 16-16, 17-21)
Co-founder, Adept
Category: Enterprise Tech
Daniel Tartako
Daniel Tartakovsky (NYWT 16-16, 17-20)
Co-founder, Cartwheel
Category: Healthcare

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