Based in Buenos Aires, LOBO is a digital native boutique agency with a proven track record of driving impact across 15 countries and 25 industries. Its top-tier team of digital and growth experts deliver distinctive e-commerce and operations capabilities to clients.

McKinsey acquired LOBO in 2022.

Client Impact

Helped a digital wallet provider become best-in-class in 20 weeks

By creating a digital marketing team and launching an agile marketing and operations model, we were able to help a leading digital wallet provider reduce annual marketing spend by $3 million, and increase monthly user acquisition by 15 to 20 percent.

Helped a multinational bank prioritize digital acquisition for growth

Created regional digital marketing campaigns and launched an agile marketing operations approach to help with the development of end-to-end digital journeys for credit cards and accounts. Our work resulted in a 220 percent increase in accounts sold digitally and a 70 percent increase in credit cards sold digitally.

Launched data-driven testing at scale for a North American fashion retailer

Deployed a paid media pod to launch agile marketing operations and a data-driven approach to testing for a North American fashion retailer. Our work helped increase revenues by $30 million—or the equivalent of a 15 percent increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) in fewer than 20 weeks.

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