For recent grads, a new guide for navigating the world of work

The job market is daunting right now, especially for those who are new to it. To help recent grads and summer interns navigate this moment and prepare for the next normal, our publishing team has collected our best thinking on thriving in the workplace into a single guide.

“We had never done this before,” explains Mike Borruso, a McKinsey executive editor. “Young people graduating from college or starting their first internship are now finding themselves in a very strange time, and we wanted to welcome them to the world of work with some helpful information.”

The idea was hatched as many students were heading into finals and graduation season. In the spirit of the firm’s new agile publishing model, which has produced hundreds of coronavirus-related articles since March, the team pulled together the collection within 48 hours.

The articles, videos, podcasts, and other material we’ve put together will be helpful to anyone entering the world of work for the first time.

Mike Borruso, McKinsey executive editor

“We went through all of the firm’s most popular insights content from the past few years, which includes hundreds of interviews with executives of well-known organizations,” Mike says. “The articles, videos, podcasts, and other material we’ve put together will be helpful to anyone entering the world of work for the first time.”

Chris Konnari, who heads the firm’s web-production team, organized the material and laid out the page, and designer Nathan Wilson provided guidance on art. Our new manager of social-media content, Mona Hamouly, worked with Steve Lackey from our media services team to come up with a fun and creative video to promote the page on social platforms.

The resulting collection includes 41 articles and 16 video interviews with leaders from organizations such as Girls Who Code, Pixar, Starbucks, and Some of the pieces cover pragmatic topics, such as making good decisions, running better meetings, managing time well, building great teams, and more. Other pieces, meanwhile, explore more theoretical questions: What is the meaning of work? What does it take to lead? How does your work contribute to society, and why does it matter?

A number of the pieces in the collection were published in our pre-pandemic past. All of them have been added to the guide for the way they can help new workers thrive in a post-pandemic future.

For example, AI, automation, and the future of work offers a bird’s eye view of how these technologies will reshape the labor market over the next ten years.The future is not what it used to be offers a vision of life and work after COVID-19. And The art and science of well-being at work lays out sound advice for sleep, meditation, and time to read.

There’s much more where those came from. You can visit the guide now, and we hope you’ll share it with the recent grads in your world.

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