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Overcoming obstacles to digital customer care

August 2015—Providing superior digital customer care, or e-care, can lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. Yet it’s easier said than done.more

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Five keys to connecting with China’s wired consumers

August 2015—China is the world’s largest and most dynamic e-commerce market. But being successful requires understanding and embracing its unique digital landscape and consumers.more


Private equity and India’s economic development

August 2015—Our new survey determines if India’s emerging private-equity sector has helped or hurt the country and its companies.more

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An executive’s guide to the Internet of Things

August 2015—The rate of adoption is accelerating. Here are six things you need to know.more

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Infrastructure and economic development: An interview with John Rice

August 2015—The need for speed in delivering progress.more


Making infrastructure exciting: An interview with Peter Dawson

August 2015—The public appreciates the creation of great infrastructure—but the process is difficult.more


Amazon China’s president on ‘transformative’ technologies

August 2015—Doug Gurr reflects on how China differs from Western markets and what role data informatics will play in the future of retail.more

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Two ways to modernize IT systems for the digital era

August 2015—Companies can use two-speed or greenfield approaches to overhaul their legacy IT systems—without weakening their enterprises. Which approach is right for you?more

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The return of zero-base budgeting

August 2015—The venerable technique has vaulted back into the consciousness of corporate leaders—for good reason. But getting it right is not easy and depends on five key elements.more

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Back to basics: Creating value through superior products

August 2015—Revitalizing product development is an unexplored lever for most private-equity firms.more

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Smarter schedules, better budgets: How to improve store operations

August 2015—Through activity-based labor scheduling and budgeting, retailers can cut store labor costs by up to 12 percent while improving both customer service and employee satisfaction.more

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A new order for law

August 2015—One law firm’s story shows how lean management can transform even the most complicated, tradition-bound, and intellectually demanding of businesses.more

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Full speed ahead: How the driverless car could transform cities

August 2015—Self-driving cars are not just about a hands-free driving experience. Their emergence points to an urban transformation that will change the way people navigate, access information, and interact with one another.more

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