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China’s digital transformation

July 2014—A McKinsey Global Institute report finds that new applications of the Internet could account for up to 22 percent of China’s GDP growth through 2025.

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Uncovering cash and insights from working capital

July 2014—Companies that improve the performance of their working capital can generate cash and see benefits far beyond the finance department.more

  • includes:

Defense offsets: From ‘contractual burden’ to competitive weapon

July 2014—Western defense companies looking to new markets often view “offsets” as a burden in international sales. Yet there is value in these industrial compensation arrangements with foreign governments.more


Capturing value in global gas: Prepare now for an uncertain future

July 2014—There is huge uncertainty about how global gas markets will evolve, but the extent of the value at stake makes it imperative for liquified natural gas suppliers and buyers to act now.more


Creating partnerships for sustainability

July 2014—Companies are increasingly expected to join with other organizations—both public and private—to address social and environmental problems. Here are seven ways to make such alliances successful.more


The rise of the digital bank

July 2014—As European consumers move online, retail banks will have to follow. The problem is that most banks aren’t ready.more


Preparing to make big-ticket investment decisions

July 2014—When the stakes couldn’t be higher, the quality of the decision making can make all the difference. Process improvements can help.more

  • includes:

Achieving success in large, complex software projects

July 2014—Using cross-functional teams to break down silos improves the chances of success when building highly complicated systems.more


Healthcare’s digital future

July 2014—Insights from our international survey can help healthcare organizations plan their next moves in the journey toward full digitization.more


How big data can improve manufacturing

July 2014—Manufacturers taking advantage of advanced analytics can reduce process flaws, saving time and money.more

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