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The Internet of Things: Sizing up the opportunity

The Internet of Things: Sizing up the opportunity

December 2014—This connectivity trend is now recognized as a source of growth for semiconductor players and their customers. Here we consider the opportunities and constraints for components manufacturers.more

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Making connections: An industry perspective on the Internet of Things

December 2014—The CEO of semiconductor company CSR, Joep van Beurden, discusses the progress—and growing pains—of the Internet of Things market.more


How to get the most from big data

December 2014—Organizations need specialists, or “translators,” who can analyze, distill, and clearly communicate information of the greatest potential value.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Running your company at two speeds

December 2014—Digital competition may dictate a new organizational architecture in which emerging digital processes coexist with traditional ones.more


Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2014: McKinsey Global Survey results

December 2014—Geopolitical instability persists as a top risk to global growth, as it has been all year—and especially in North America. Yet few executives say it will affect their companies’ plans for 2015.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

India’s tech opportunity: Transforming work, empowering people

December 2014—A dozen disruptive technologies can add up to $1 trillion in GDP by 2025 and help bring millions of Indians up the MGI Empowerment Line.more


Busting mobile-shopping myths

December 2014—What do mobile shoppers really want? Less than many retailers think.more


Making stores matter in a multichannel world

December 2014—As the role of the brick-and-mortar store evolves, retailers will continually have to refine how they use their real estate.more


A two-speed IT architecture for the digital enterprise

December 2014—Delivering an enriched customer experience requires a new digital architecture running alongside legacy systems.more


How to win in online grocery: Advice from a pioneer

December 2014—Christian Wanner, cofounder of one of Europe’s first and largest online grocery stores, talks about what works, what doesn’t, and what will change in food retailing as e-commerce continues to heat up.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The family-business factor in emerging markets

December 2014—Family-owned businesses are a large and growing force. Organizations that want to collaborate—or compete—with these companies in emerging markets must first understand them.more

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