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A new world under construction: China and semiconductors

November 2015—The ongoing transformation of the Chinese semiconductor sector requires all parties to raise their game.more



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Speed and scale: Unlocking digital value in customer journeys

November 2015—Even as organizations assemble digital building blocks for the long term, they also need short-term, pragmatic moves that meet customer expectations and protect core businesses today.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

Four fundamentals of workplace automation

November 2015—As the automation of physical and knowledge work advances, many jobs will be redefined rather than eliminated—at least in the short term.more

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Is there hidden treasure in the mining industry?

November 2015—Low equity prices may offer important M&A opportunities for the mining industry.more


Preparing IT systems and organizations for the Internet of Things

November 2015—To accommodate the development and support of smart devices, companies will need to update existing IT architectures and operating models. Here’s a potential road map.more


Solving the puzzle of India’s petrochemical-intermediates shortfall

November 2015—The country’s upstream petrochemical and downstream specialties industries are expanding healthily. But a combination of moves will be needed to meet India’s fast-growing demand for petrochemical intermediates.more


Creating value in transportation and logistics

November 2015—The “new normal” for the sector is tougher than for many other industries. Here's how transportation and logistics businesses can increase their economic profit.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Five myths about the Chinese economy

November 2015—Predictions of deepening economic woes are plentiful. Here are five arguments against the pessimism.more


The nimble prosper: dynamic resource allocation in chemicals

September 2015—New research we have carried out shows that chemical companies that more actively redirect capital and other resources from one business opportunity to another achieve better performance -- but also shows that most chemical companies fail to direct resources in this way.more


How digital innovation can improve mining productivity

November 2015—With profits down, miners are focused on improving their productivity. Digital innovation could provide a breakthrough.more


A better way to understand internal rate of return

November 2015—Investments can have the same internal rate of return for different reasons. A breakdown of this metric in private equity shows why it matters.more

interview | McKinsey Global Institute

At the United Nations, a push for true gender equality

November 2015—UN Women executive director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka discusses why stereotypes and prejudices can’t go ignored in the fight for greater women’s rights.more

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What it takes to deliver breakthrough customer experiences

November 2015—To create distinctive customer experiences, large companies need to push the boundaries and adopt next-generation digital thinking and practices in seven key areas.more

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