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Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age

June 2015—Online talent platforms could increase global GDP by $2.7 trillion by 2025—and begin to ameliorate many of the persistent problems in the world’s labor markets.

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Accelerating South Africa’s economic transformation

June 2015—Two decades ago, South Africa defied expectations by transforming itself into an inclusive democracy. Now it’s time to take the next leap forward.more

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The simple rules of disciplined innovation

May 2015—Constraints aren’t the enemy of creativity—they make it more effective.more


Productivity in mining operations: Reversing the downward trend

May 2015—A new metric shows just how far mining productivity has declined. It also points to ways to improve productivity more effectively.more


Thomson Reuters on making information useful

May 2015—The CEO of the news, information, and professional-software company, Jim Smith, discusses how truly meeting customer expectations is at the heart of the company’s effort to continue growing and digitally adapting.more

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Transitioning to standard software: Lessons from ERP pioneers

May 2015—Banks and insurance companies are at an inflection point with their aging proprietary IT systems. A move to standard software may allow them to save time and costs and create new digital services.more

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How Discovery keeps innovating

May 2015—CEO Adrian Gore describes how the South African company has been shaking up its industry through business-model innovation and explains what helps to catalyze new ideas.more


Incumbents as attackers: Brand-driven innovation

May 2015—Big companies are finding growth in new markets by harnessing an underused asset—their brands.more


Building a fast-moving digital enterprise

May 2015—Large companies face significant hurdles in transforming into digital businesses. McKinsey’s Edwin van Bommel explains how organizations can quickly develop digital capabilities.more

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Building the cities of the future with green districts

May 2015—Better design can make sense aesthetically, environmentally—and economically.more

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How do you govern a disrupted world?

May 2015—Seismic economic shifts are placing new demands on governments globally. In this excerpt from the new book No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All the Trends, its authors explain how policy makers can respond.more

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Why capital expenditures need more CFO attention

May 2015—Companies in capital-intensive industries need to get more out of their capital budgets. CFOs can play a critical role.more

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CEO succession starts with developing your leaders

May 2015—Focusing on future priorities and debiasing decisions help, too.more

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