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Why China’s consumers will continue to surprise the world

May 2015—Fears about China’s slowing economy are overblown, authors Jeffrey Towson and Jonathan Woetzel argue in this adapted excerpt from the follow-up to their The One Hour China Book.more

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Protecting student data in a digital world

April 2015—Proponents of data-enabled education can learn from other industries that have faced concerns about the risks of using personal information.more


The impact of regulation

April 2015—The chief financial and risk officer of APG, Angelien Kemna, believes pension funds and regulators must work together to foster opportunities for long-term investment while ensuring stable, sound, and safe financial markets.more


Maintaining a long-term view during turnarounds

April 2015—Changing course demands an intense focus on short-term performance, but success needn’t come at the expense of long-term value.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

Toward a new HR philosophy

April 2015—HR should empower managers to decide on standards, hire how they choose, and develop company-wide leaders.more


Business and society in the coming decades

April 2015—In the long term, corporate and societal interests converge. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and SVP of sustainability Kathleen McLaughlin argue companies have an opportunity to use their scale and expertise to reshape global systems and mitigate complex problems.more


Landside operations: The next frontier for container-shipping alliances

April 2015—Container lines have used alliances to increase scope and reduce cost on the ocean. Industry pressures are now making landside cooperation the next step for capturing economies of scale.more


Maintaining momentum in Brazil’s pharmaceutical market

April 2015—Despite macroeconomic deceleration, we expect Brazil's pharma market to grow 7–10 percent per year until 2020. Double-digit growth is possible, but will require a granular approach.more


Can we talk? Five tips for communicating in turnarounds

April 2015—In tough times, investors scrutinize every detail. Here’s how to manage the discussion.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

Getting beyond bureaucracy in human resources

April 2015—By becoming more strategic and operating with an edge, corporate HR departments can boost their effectiveness and shed their bureaucratic reputation.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The globally effective enterprise

April 2015—Today’s technology enables integrated operations that can change the globalization penalty into a premium.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

How agile is your supply chain?

April 2015—Our research shows that ten operating practices are tied to higher service levels and lower inventory costs.more

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Grow fast or die slow: Pivoting beyond the core

April 2015—Turbocharged initial growth is essential to surviving in the software industry. But what comes next? Here are four lessons so leaders can write their organizations’ second act.more

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Leading management thinkers tackle the management challenges of tomorrow.more