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How small shifts in leadership can transform your team dynamic

February 2016—Simple tweaks in communication and role-modeling based on the latest behavioral research can nudge employees into top form and create a more productive environment for everyone.more

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Pharma M&A: Agile shouldn’t mean ad hoc

February 2016—Under pressure to be active acquirers, some pharmaceutical and medical-products companies may be neglecting best practices. Here’s where they can most improve.more

commentary | McKinsey Quarterly

Creating value from long-term bets

February 2016—Corning’s CEO reminds us that big corporate achievements rarely come overnight.more

book excerpt | McKinsey Quarterly

Getting beyond the BS of leadership literature

January 2016—Management books and commentaries often oversimplify, seldom providing useful guidance about the skills and behavior needed to get things done. Here’s a better reading list for leaders.more


How healthcare systems can become digital-health leaders

January 2016—The potential of digitization is well understood, yet healthcare systems are struggling to convert ambition into reality. Here’s what we recommend.more


Transforming expert organizations

January 2016—Improving operations and client experience in B2B organizations is hard because they rely so heavily on highly skilled experts. But those experts can also be the source of a solution.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Leadership in context

January 2016—Organizational health matters more than you might expect.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

How private-equity owners lean into turnarounds

January 2016—PE-backed companies outperform their public counterparts during periods of distress because the owners play a more active role in management.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Knowing when corporate headquarters adds rather than subtracts value

January 2016—Reduce value destruction by applying three tests to initiatives from the center.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Automating the insurance industry

January 2016—A more digital world will place a premium on some skills while reducing the need for others.more


How the best acquirers excel at integration

January 2016—The same handful of integration challenges vex companies year after year. New survey data suggest how high performers stay on top.more

interview | McKinsey Quarterly

Organizing for breakthrough innovation

January 2016—Roche’s CEO talks about its R&D structure, tough decisions, and long-term mind-set.more

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