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Global migration’s impact and opportunity

– Migration has become a flashpoint for debate in many countries. But McKinsey Global Institute research finds that it generates significant economic benefits—and more effective integration of immigrants could increase those benefits.

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A road map for integrating Europe’s refugees

– A surge of refugees and asylum seekers has strained the continent. Managing the asylum procedure and integrating those refugees well could not only mitigate risks but also benefit the economy.

Can the US economy return to dynamic and inclusive growth?

– Slower economic growth in the United States has wrought a vicious cycle that has hobbled many American households. Targeted investment and policy action could turn it around.


Jacques Bughin

MGI Director and Senior Partner, Brussels

James Manyika

MGI Director and Senior Partner, San Francisco

Jonathan Woetzel

MGI Director and Senior Partner, Shanghai

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Automation potential and wages for US jobs

In this data visualization McKinsey analyzes the detailed work activities for 750+ occupations in the US to estimate the percentage... of time that could be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technology.

How gender-equal is your country?

MGI examines gender equality across 15 indicators and 95 countries in this data visualization.


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Article - Global Daily

Miles to go: Stepping up progress toward gender equality

– There are 10 gender "impact zones" that need to be addressed in order to accelerate progress toward gender parity, write Kweilin... Ellingrud, Mekala Krishnan, and Anu Madgavkar in Global Daily.
Article - Harvard Business Review

Emerging demographics are the new emerging markets

– Three key groups of urban consumers with numbers and purchasing power are the ones to shape the consumer landscape over the next... 15 years, write Richard Dobbs, Jaana Remes and Jonathan Woetzel in Harvard Business Review.

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