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McKinsey Center for Government

The McKinsey Center for Government is a new global hub for research, collaboration, and innovation in government performance.
McKinsey Center for Government

Drawing on a network of external experts and McKinsey practitioners, MCG provides governments with new and proven knowledge and tools to confront critical challenges and opportunities in a context of limited resources. MCG connects government leaders to learn from one another to deliver value for the citizens they serve.

Capabilities for performance

The McKinsey Center for Government works with government departments and agencies globally to understand how public-sector organizations can build new capabilities, continuously improve performance, and deliver more to society. Our research, partnerships, and practical experience in strategy, organization, operations, and IT are yielding valuable new insights for government leaders.


Drawing on McKinsey's extensive research and expertise, we gather and develop resources that help school systems, higher-education institutions, and vocational programs transform their performance and improve student outcomes. Our work focuses on the most pressing issues facing educators today.

Employment for growth

The McKinsey Center for Government collaborates with government organizations and experts globally to analyze the causes of labor-market failure. Our research and insights equip governments to improve the effectiveness of labor markets and institutions.

Fiscal management

Our global research on budgeting and tax administration—informed by insights from our network of leading public-finance experts—helps government agencies measure their performance, understand best practices, and take action to achieve fiscal health.

Government transformation

Large-scale government transformation programs are easy to talk about but difficult to execute—our research shows that only 40 percent of such efforts meet their objectives. By drawing on our experience, proprietary research, and global partnerships, we help national leaders understand what it takes to turn big ideas into big wins.

Health care

The McKinsey Center for Government aims to help health systems fundamentally improve performance and health outcomes. In collaboration with health care experts and leaders around the world, we are developing practical perspectives on how to expand access to health services, improve the quality of care, use resources more effectively, and deliver better patient experiences.

Innovation in an ever-changing world

Demographic, economic, and technological shifts are creating an innovation imperative for government. The McKinsey Center for Government combines multidisciplinary perspectives to explore why and how innovation is transforming the way government interacts with citizens, civil society, and the private sector.

Regulation and public protection

Research and insights from the McKinsey Center for Government helps agencies fulfill their mission of protecting the public in an era of dynamic threats and heightened expectations of government. We collaborate with government leaders and experts globally to develop actionable perspectives on regulation and enforcement.

Featured experts

Aamer Baig

Senior Partner, Chicago

Bjarne Corydon

Director for McKinsey Center of Government, Copenhagen

Tom Dohrmann

Senior Partner, Washington DC

André Dua

Senior Partner, New York

Andrew Grant

Senior Partner, Singapore

Nicolaus Henke

Senior Partner, London

Vivian Riefberg

Senior Partner, Washington DC


Innovating government for new times

Innovating government for new times

To meet the economic and social challenges of the citizenry today, governments must transform the way they think, organize, and execute. In the first installment of "Innovating government for new times," McKinsey experts including from the new McKinsey Center for Government (MCG) discuss the imperatives for government reform worldwide and the innovations that can make it successful.

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