Practice leaders

Gautam Kumra

Senior Partner, Gurgaon
Leads our Organization work in Asia-Pacific. Has spent over two decades at McKinsey, helping companies drive transformational change, build operational...

Judith Hazlewood

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings more than 25 years’ experience advising healthcare and pharmaceutical company executives as they set strategy, pursue organizational effectiveness,...

Mary Meaney

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads McKinsey’s work in Organization across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; she is also one of the leading experts in Transformational...

Michael Rennie

Senior Partner, Dubai
Works with top teams to build high-performing organizations by shaping compelling visions, redesigning core processes and systems, and driving...

Phillia Wibowo

Partner, Jakarta
Brings transformational change expertise to a range of clients in Indonesia and across Asia, helping them to design and implement programs that...

Our people

Woulter Aghina

Partner, Amsterdam
Leads large-scale transformation programs for high-tech companies―to improve performance, boost organizational health, and build capabilities...

Fabian Billing

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Combines deep expertise in merger management with extensive experience in the telecoms and high-tech sectors

Simon Blackburn

Senior Partner, Sydney
Helps public- and private-sector clients achieve lasting improvements in their performance, with a focus on implementing transformational change...

Nick van Dam

Global Chief Learning Officer, Amsterdam
Offers expertise in effective corporate learning and successful leadership development, helping to determine how individuals reach their greatest...

Aaron De Smet

Partner, Houston
Specializes in helping large institutions to transform their performance and long-term health through structural, cultural, and behavioral change

Martin Dewhurst

Senior Partner, London
Brings 20 years of experience to helping companies shape and execute their globalization strategies

Richard Elder

Senior Partner, Washington, D.C.
Uses his extensive private- and public-sector experience to help global industrial and aerospace and defense organizations develop new strategies...

Claudio Feser

Senior Partner, Zurich
Advises the top management of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial-services companies on leadership, strategy, organization, and corporate...

Chris Gagnon

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leader of OrgSolutions, McKinsey’s innovation center for new approaches to improving culture, design, talent, leadership, and change

Arne Gast

Expert Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Brings extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, human-resources management, and transformational change

Bryan Hancock

Partner, Atlanta
Passionate about organization, helps retailers and other clients drive performance by improving productivity, developing talent, and enhancing...

Judith Hazlewood

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings more than 25 years’ experience advising healthcare and pharmaceutical company executives as they set strategy, pursue organizational effectiveness,...

Scott Keller

Senior Partner, Southern California
Works with CEOs and top teams to conceive and manage large-scale transformation programs that strengthen financial performance, customer focus,...

Alexis Krivkovich

Partner, San Francisco
Advises senior executives, helping them drive change at scale, while building capabilities and managing risk effectively

John C. W. Parsons

Partner, Calgary
Transforms large industrial sites and organizations by implementing the latest performance-based approaches, like advanced analytics in asset...

Scott Rutherford

Senior Partner, Washington, D.C.
Helps defense and security agencies, financial institutions, and executives in a range of sectors tackle strategic, organizational, and operational...

Bill Schaninger

Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values, and leadership

Matthew Smith

Partner, Washington, D.C.
Advises major healthcare institutions on organizational effectiveness, change management, and commercial strategy

Julia Sperling

Partner, Dubai
A founding partner and leader of McKinsey’s Middle East Healthcare Practice and a global leader in our Organization Practice. Passionate...

Naveen Unni

Partner, Perth
Passionate about improving organizational performance and supporting leadership development

Andy West

Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures and governance...