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A sustainable, inclusive, and growing future for the United States

– While the challenges the United States faces are significant, it can build on core strengths to grow, broaden, and sustain prosperity.

American perceptions of economic opportunity

The McKinsey American Opportunity Survey spotlights what Americans feel about their current economic standing, their views on economic opportunity, and the barriers they see standing between themselves and a more inclusive and prosperous future.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be

– Closing racial gaps across the economy is not only about righting historic wrongs. It is also about choosing a more dynamic future and realizing the full potential of a massively underutilized source of talent, to the benefit of all Americans.

Unequal America: Ten insights on the state of economic opportunity

– The inaugural McKinsey American Opportunity Survey spotlights Americans’ views on economic opportunity, the obstacles they face, and the path ahead to create a more inclusive economy.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Building a more competitive US manufacturing sector

– A fresh sense of urgency and new opportunities could give the sector momentum.

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For many Americans, economic opportunity seems increasingly out of reach

– Low unemployment doesn’t seem to dispel the gloom about inflation, the McKinsey American Opportunity Survey shows.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on trade, vaccines, and sustainable and inclusive growth with WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

– The World Trade Organization’s first African—and first female—director-general reflects on the impact of the pandemic on trade, the imperative to ensure that vaccines reach Africa and other emerging economies, and how to ensure that trade is more inclusive in the years ahead.

Building a “digital operating rhythm” with OKR software

– As the pandemic has fueled the growth of remote work and the pace of strategic planning, more companies are looking for greater transparency around goals and execution. Deidre Paknad, the co-founder and CEO of Workboard, is growing a business that provides just that.

European consumer sentiment survey: How current events are shaping French consumer behavior

– As inflation rises, French consumer hopes for economic recovery wane, with optimism sinking back to the lows of lockdown.

European consumer sentiment survey: How current events are shaping German consumer behavior

– Rising prices and the invasion of Ukraine are top concerns for German consumers, fueling a general slide into economic pessimism.

European consumer sentiment survey: How current events are shaping Italian consumer behavior

– Italian consumers are increasingly concerned about the economy, with many aiming to reduce spending and modify consumption habits.

European consumer sentiment survey: How current events are shaping Spanish consumer behavior

– Spanish consumers are primarily concerned about inflation and the invasion of Ukraine, and are becoming increasingly concerned about the economy.

European consumer sentiment survey: How current events are shaping UK consumer behavior

– Concerns about recovery is at an all-time high in the United Kingdom. Rising prices are reported to be the top concern, with consumers significantly trading down in stores and products.

European consumer sentiment survey: How current events in Europe are shaping consumer behavior

– Even as COVID-19 lingers, European consumers are preoccupied with somewhat different threats: the perception of price increases, and the ongoing Ukraine invasion.

Expand diversity among your suppliers—and add value to your organization

– Companies can unlock more value in their supplier diversity programs by including higher-growth sectors and promoting diversity across the business ecosystem.

Leading from the heart: How Freshworks’ CEO built a global tech unicorn

– Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of the India-born, US-headquartered software-as-a-service start-up believes that this is the decade for India as a product nation.
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