The arts in the UK: Seeing the big picture

Assessing the direct impact of the UK arts sector

Illustration of an audience sitting on a hill next to a village. Colorful circles float above them. The scene is vibrantly colored and made of dramatic shapes and textures. Delicate line-work is etched into the background.
Dramatically colored illustration of a tree with glowing circles nestled on it’s branches, the tree’s canopy is represented by delicate line-work which expressively weaves around its branches. A figure reached up and touches one of the circles which then illuminates his arm.

Five connections that underpin the impact of the UK arts sector


A large hand reaches down and touches the center of the image, ripples of fine line-work and light radiate out from it’s fingertip. Many figures are seen gravitating towards the center. Circles float above the hand delicately.

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