Predictive analytics for electric power asset management

Utilityx helps electric power utilities improve network performance and reduce costs with predictive asset management.
Effective asset maintenance is critical for any electric power utility. Asset managers have traditionally used preventive and corrective techniques, which lack the data and analytics needed to create a tailored maintenance strategy based on the most at-risk assets. Utilityx helps asset managers optimize productivity using predictive maintenance.
We use advanced analytics to transform network data into a condition-based strategy driven by the health and criticality of an asset. With Utilityx, asset managers can improve performance and reduce costs by focusing time and resources on the assets that matter most.

Utilityx By the numbers


maintenance and replacement cost savings


savings per 10 TWh distributed


savings per Million end customers

Why Utilityx

Purpose-built for electric power

Many solutions apply advanced analytics techniques to existing data, but lack a critical industry awareness necessary to predict failure in electricity network systems. Utilityx is founded in rigorous electrical engineering and technical models, on which we leverage our extensive advanced analytics capabilities and experts to continuously enhance the accuracy of our predictors and performance logic.

Fast implementation

Utilityx is built beside an organization’s existing technology structure, plugging into existing workflows while avoiding IT integration challenges. This helps asset managers quickly implement maintenance recommendations that improve performance and save costs. Unlike other solutions that rely on expensive sensors and real-time data, we work from each organization’s unique starting position and tailor our analytics solution to their timeline and needs.

McKinsey expertise

Utilityx is backed by McKinsey’s electric power and gas practice, which serves industry leaders globally, including eight of the top 10 North American electric power leaders, nine of the top 10 European electric power leaders, and four of the top 10 Asian electric power leaders.

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