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Working as a Consultant

You’ll work with clients to address challenges across multiple industries, while learning constantly and building lifelong relationships.


The way we work

Our clients grapple with tough questions, such as how to improve operations, expand into growth markets, drive innovation, and sustain long-term performance. McKinsey projects typically last from one to a few months, and our teams share a structured problem-solving approach where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analyzed to come up with recommendations.

How projects are assigned

Which projects you work on depends on your interests, development needs, and project availability. On each project, the first thing we do is bring together people with the best skills and experience to help solve the client’s problem.

On an ongoing basis, our consultants are informed of all upcoming local and global projects to help planning and selection of their next study.

Development opportunities

McKinsey invests more than $100 million in training annually. With our excellent training programs, team-based approach, commitment to mentorship, and global presence, McKinsey Sweden offers tremendous opportunities for professional development and personal growth. Working in small teams, you will have critical client responsibilities from day one. You will constantly be on a learning journey, with assignments that offer you opportunities to develop your strengths and create new ones.

Working at McKinsey enables you to gain powerful leadership and analytical skills so that you can make your mark on clients and the world—whether you stay at McKinsey for the long run or choose a different path after a few years.

Work-life journey

For each project kick-off the team talks through how they would like to work together and what is important for each individual. You might have responsibilities as a parent or a sport you want to pursue. Some McKinsey colleagues work part-time, while our “Take Time” program allows our consultants to take time off between projects or add a few weeks to their summer holiday to pursue personal interests and passions.

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