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McKinsey’s ‘Passion for Technology’ event in Budapest was great—relaxed, fun, and inspirational.

Sara, student, LiTH

We organize many events throughout the year for you to get to know us, and for us to learn more about you. Previous attendees have commented: "It was amazing being in Paris, getting to know over a hundred female students from all over the world, and almost the same number of McKinsey consultants." (Anna, student, Stockholm School of Economics); and "I thought the best part of the event was that it was so easygoing and fun. We really got to know each other—both students and McKinsey representatives alike." (Amir, student, Uppsala University).

Most of our events are announced directly at the universities where we recruit. Select larger events that are held at our office, or abroad, are posted here. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Oct 06 2022
Oct 08 2022

McKinsey Weekend 2022

October 06 – October 08 9:00 am - 6:00 pm CET

Join us, October 6-8, for a magical weekend at the Tree Hotel in the deepest forests of Norrland to explore the green re-industrialization of Sweden!

Experience first-hand how McKinsey serves the fast-growing sustainability industry through interactive problem solving and exciting site visits.

We hope you will get to know us better through various fun and exciting social activities.

Apply by September 16.

Oct 13 2022
Nov 11 2022

Skills for Success

October 13 – November 11

Are you a student currently studying towards a degree in Europe, who self-identifies as coming from a disadvantaged background*?

We invite you to join us for “Skills for Success”, a series of informal virtual skill-building sessions.

During these interactive sessions, participants will meet McKinsey consultants, learn valuable skills that can be used in both professional and personal settings, and find out what it is like to work in the consulting industry. Don't miss this opportunity to get some great ideas of how to write a CV and strengthen your skills through problem-solving sessions.

More details about the sessions and registration links can be found on our website:

*This may encompass a variety of experiences, including but not limited to being the first generation in one’s family to attend university or growing up in a low-income household.

Candidates can register 2 days prior to each session.

Oct 27 2022
Oct 29 2022

WomEngineering-strengthen your skills in operations

October 27 – October 29 Barcelona

We invite you to apply for WomEngineering, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain in October 2022.

At WomEngineering – strengthen your skills in operations, you will have the opportunity to be part of a team together with other participants and our European Operations Practice consultants. You will participate in the interactive Model Warehouse workshop and gain insights into one of the projects our consultants are working on. The workshop is built along warehouse processes, technology, and management infrastructure. To strengthen our teamwork skills, we will explore the mesmorizing Barcelona coastline on a sailing boat tour in the afternoon, and you will have plenty of time to network and connect with our consultants.

Applications close September 25, 2022.

Nov 02 2022

Make a move - Meet McKinsey’s Operations Practice

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm CET

Join us on November 2, 2022, for our virtual networking event, “Make a move: Meet McKinsey’s Operations Practice.”

You’ll be able to meet our consultants, gain insights into projects they work on, learn about career opportunities at McKinsey, and find out how our firm supports employees who have faced socioeconomic challenges or come from an underresourced environment.

Why apply?

You should apply to this event if you:

  • Have a passion for operations-related topics
  • Are interested in socioeconomic and ethnic diversity
  • Want to learn about career opportunities in McKinsey’s Operations Practice and how we support inclusion
  • Want to get to know your potential future McKinsey colleagues, who will serve as a support system as you face personal and professional decisions in the coming years

How to apply?

Please send us your CV in English, which should include details of your education and grades, work experience, as well as extracurricular activities and achievements. No cover letter is needed.

Applications are due by October 23, 2022. We will inform you of the outcome by October 27, 2022.

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