McKinsey Quarterly 2015
McKinsey Quarterly 2015 Number 2

Thriving at scale

Offers strategies to help companies operate successfully at scale in areas including innovation, R&D, and human resources. Also explores technology’s role in building efficient global operations and increasing productivity across organizational lines.

Revving up your innovation engine

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The eight essentials of innovation

– Strategic and organizational factors are what separate successful big-company innovators from the rest of the field.
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Brightening the black box of R&D

– An all-in-one, one-for-all formula to determine R&D’s productivity can help companies see how well the function is performing.

Other highlights

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Toward a new HR philosophy

– HR should empower managers to decide on standards, hire how they choose, and develop company-wide leaders.
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Getting beyond bureaucracy in human resources

– By becoming more strategic and operating with an edge, corporate HR departments can boost their effectiveness and shed their bureaucratic reputation.
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Digital hives: Creating a surge around change

– Online communities are helping companies engage with employees to accelerate change.
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The globally effective enterprise

– Today’s technology enables integrated operations that can change the globalization penalty into a premium.
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Delighting in the possible

– In an unpredictable world, executives should stretch beyond managing the probable.

The real business of business

– Shareholder-oriented capitalism is still the best path to broad economic prosperity, as long as companies focus on the long term.

Research, trends, and emerging thinking

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Japan: Lessons from a hyperaging society

– The country’s population, already the world’s oldest, is aging quickly. Companies in Europe, North America, and Asia can learn from its experience.
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How agile is your supply chain?

– Our research shows that ten operating practices are tied to higher service levels and lower inventory costs.
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Are you ready to decide?

– Before doing so, executives should ask themselves two sets of questions.
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Decoding financial-technology innovation

– Start-ups are eyeing a wider revenue pool across a growing and broader range of products and services.
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Cohabiting with your e-commerce partners

– Top-performing consumer-product companies are aiming to strengthen their digital-channel strategies by locating teams at Amazon and other key players.
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Getting the most from R&D teams

– The size of these teams and the number of sites where they work have a big impact on semiconductor research productivity.

Closing views

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Changing the nature of board engagement

– Five tips for directors and CEOs striving to make the most of their limited time.
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CEO succession starts with developing your leaders

– Focusing on future priorities and debiasing decisions help, too.