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Adam Barth


Serves electric and gas utilities and utility-technology and -service companies on issues including transmission and distribution-capital productivity, growth strategy, and operations

Adam leads the electric transmission and distribution work in McKinsey’s Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in North America. He helps utility and utility-service and -technology companies develop strategies to shape future growth, drive capital productivity, and perform operational transformations.

Examples of Adam’s recent client work include the following:

  • leading a multiyear operational transformation of the transmission and distribution business unit of a major US gas utility that resulted in a 25 to 35 percent unit-cost reduction along with increases in safety and reliability measures
  • delivering a multiyear organizational transformation for a US utility’s distribution organization that focused on improving cost and training frontline employees on new operating practices, leading the effort at two of their largest operating companies, and helping build the program to scale with an impact of 15 to 25 percent operation and maintenance savings
  • developing organizational strategy for the energy-services unit of a major US utility to help set up the long-term structure, processes, capabilities, and systems required to be best in class
  • supporting an effort with a major US utility to develop a utility of the future strategy, with emphasis on future transmission and distribution needs, business model implications, and resulting legislative and regulatory strategy
  • spearheading a growth- and M&A-strategy engagement with a leading global transmission- and distribution- smart-grid product manufacturer

Published work

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The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania

Yale University
BA, ethics, politics, and economics