Watch the replay: Leading voices discuss scenarios for the global economy and how leaders can reset business models for a period of sustained uncertainty and change

Current tremors in the financial system may signal a lasting shift in how the world borrows, lends, and creates wealth. What can businesses do to prepare for an economic, banking, and investment landscape that in the next ten years may look materially different from the past 20? To explore this question, MGI convened a virtual launch event on a new report, The future of wealth and growth hangs in the balance.

The session began with an overview of the findings with report author Jan Mischke, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Thomas Lee-Devlin, Global business correspondent, The Economist and co-host Money Talks Podcast with:

  • Christian Stracke, President, Global Head of Credit Research
  • Catherine Mann, External member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England
  • Olivia White, Director, McKinsey Global Institute, and Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

The panel explored the four scenarios for the global balance sheet—return to past era, higher for longer, balance sheet reset, and productivity acceleration. The themes of the discussion included:

  • The most likely scenarios and the impact they would have
  • The impact of the scenarios on businesses and sectoral winners and losers in each scenario
  • The extent to which geopolitical developments could shift us toward one scenario over another
  • The link between artificial intelligence and its potential to move the needle on productivity growth
  • How investors, policymakers, and business leaders can think about preparing for the coming uncertainty and change

For more on this topic, please watch the virtual event recording and read our report, The future of wealth and growth hangs in the balance.