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Reports issued by the McKinsey Global Institute are often cited in international media, and MGI authors frequently contribute to leading business publications. We offer a selection of articles below.


Article - Fortune

The questions companies should ask themselves to prepare for a new era of business

– While addressing its challenges, large, leading, and market-shaping global companies, and those that aspire to be, will need to chart a course that delivers sustainable and inclusive growth, write James Manyika and Lareina Yee in Fortune.
Article - Quartz

Will robots take your job before you even graduate?

– Workers aged 18 to 34 hold almost 40% of the US jobs that could disappear due to the automation in the next decade, write Liz Hilton Segel and Susan Lund in Quartz.
Article - Harvard Business Review

What do we do about the biases in AI?

– AI can help humans with bias, but only if humans are working together to tackle bias in AI, write James Manyika, Jake Silberg, and Brittany Presten in Harvard Business Review.
Article - Project Syndicate

The coming of AI Spring

– Artificial intelligence can generate tremendous value for us all, if policymakers and businesses act swiftly and smartly to capture its full benefits and mitigate the inevitable risks, write James Manyika and Jacques Bughin in Project Syndicate.
Article - GreenBiz

The climate risk you may not be thinking about

– The most significant risk from climate change in the near term is not from a future of extreme weather — we know it is coming — but whether we have adapted to an increasingly volatile present, write Dickon Pinner and Jonathan Woetzel in GreenBiz.
Article - Project Syndicate

The Asianized world has arrived

– By 2040, Asia is likely to generate more than 50% of world GDP, and could account for nearly 40% of global consumption, write Jonathan Woetzel and Jeongmin Seong in Project Syndicate.
Article - South China Morning Post

It's not just about China. Asian economies are integrating rapidly, fuelling regional growth

– Asia’s massive economic bloc is growing in a complementary fashion, with more regional investments and collaborations as integration intensifies, write Oliver Tonby and Jonathan Woetzel in South China Morning Post.
Article - China Daily

China in the Asian century

– Even as China’s growth rate matures, its growth is helping to propel the rapid economic development of its neighbors, write Jonathan Woetzel and Joe Ngai in China Daily.
Article - Financial Times

Latin America's digital spring: work in progress

– As well as boosting productivity, automation and other technologies can help small and midsize companies expand their consumer base and go global, write Jaana Remes and Andres Cadena in Financial Times.
Article - Project Syndicate

Don't squander the techno revolution

– Realizing the potential from the new era of artificial intelligence and automation will require governments and businesses to manage the development and diffusion of frontier technologies carefully, write Christopher Pissarides and Jacques Bughin in Project Syndicate.
Article - VoxEU

The declining labour share of income: Accounting for the main factors from a meso perspective

– Our analysis suggests that the decline in labour share might continue; while the effect of some factors may dampen or reverse, others will likely continue at an uncertain pace, write Jan Mischke, Hans-Helmut Kotz, and Jacques Bughin in VoxEU.
Article - Harvard Business Review

Your AI efforts won't succeed unless they benefit employees

– Companies that manage the risks of a technology transition by focusing on welfare and well-being can benefit from the outcome, write Jacques Bughin and James Manyika in Harvard Business Review.
Article - Project Syndicate

The value of global China

– China faces important questions about whether and to what extent it should continue to pursue opening up its economy to the rest of the world, write Jonathan Woetzel and Jeongmin Seong in Project Syndicate.
Article - The Mandarin

How governments in emerging economies can help boost and sustain growth

– McKinsey researchers find a new generation of outperforming nations, from the South China Sea to the Horn of Africa, which are leaving poverty behind, writes Jeongmin Seong in The Mandarin.
Article - Harvard Business Review

Will automation improve work for women - or make it worse?

– Women will need to make far more significant transitions compared to men and may find it more difficult to capture new opportunities because of the persistent barriers they face, write Anu Madgavkar, Mekala Krishnan, and Kweilin Ellingrud in Harvard Business Review.
Article - China Daily

Inside dynamics of a changing relationship

– The relationship between China and the world is changing, and a key choice lies ahead: more engagement or less, write Jonathan Woetzel and Nick Leung in China Daily.
Article - World Economic Forum Blog

Have we reached peak integration between China and the world?

– Amid trade tensions and rising protectionism in many countries, we appear to be at a turning point, write Jonathan Woetzel, Joe Ngai, and Jeongmin Seong in World Economic Forum Blog.
Article - Quartz

The gig economy has an identity problem and digital ID could fix it

– Digital ID could be a solution to the gig economy’s marketplace problems, write Anu Madgavkar and Deepa Mahajan in Quartz.
Article - Foreign Affairs

The global economy's next winners

– Even as critics of free trade gain the upper hand, globalization, wholly of its own accord, is transforming in rich countries’ favor, write Susan Lund, James Manyika, and Michael Spence in Foreign Affairs.
Article - Quartz

For all the hubbub about the US-China trade war, trade is a fraction of China's economy

– If China and the world were to diminish their engagement with each other, significant value could be lost for both, write Jonathan Woetzel and Jeongmin Seong in Quartz.
Article - VOX EU

Measuring the welfare effects of AI and automation

– New technologies are intrinsically neither good nor bad, it is how they are deployed and how the transition is crafted that conditions the welfare dynamics of societies, write Jacques Bughin, Christopher Pissarides, and Eric Hazan in VOX EU.
Article - Milken Institute Review

From third world to first in class

– Rapid economic growth is blurring the distinctions among developing, emerging and advanced countries, writes Jonathan Woetzel in Milken Institute Review.
Article - China Daily

Staying competitive in next round of globalization

– To remain competitive, companies in China will need to look for opportunities in the fast-growing services trade, write Jonathan Woetzel and Jeongmin Seong in China Daily.
Article - VOX EU

Next generation technologies and the future of trade

– Globalization is entering a new chapter that is being driven by flows of information and data, as well as technological changes that are reshaping industry value chains, write Susan Lund and Jacques Bughin in VOX EU.
Article - Axios

Dozens of countries are in talks to regulate cross-border e-commerce

– McKinsey Global Institute projects that the global market for cross-border, business-to-consumer e-commerce will top $1 trillion by next year, writes Susan Lund in Axios.
Article - Financial Times

Anger over tariffs obscures a shift in patterns of global trade

– Over the past decade, globalisation has undergone little-noticed but profound structural shifts that are tilting the playing field in favour of advanced economies, write Susan Lund and James Manyika in Financial Times.
Article - VOX EU

How to develop enough European AI startups

– European AI may thrive if its human capital and innovation culture are combined with levels of investment seen elsewhere, writes Jacques Bughin in VOX EU.
Article - Harvard Business Review

3 Digital strategies for companies that have fallen behind

– We estimate that companies which follow this strategy of digital reinvention increase revenue growth by 0.9% and add 1.8% to their EBITDA growth annually on average compared with peers, write Jacques Bughin and Tanguy Catlin in Harvard Business Review.
Article - Harvard Business Review

The next era of globalization will be shaped by customers, technology, and value chains

– Longer-term structural shifts are reshaping the very nature of globalization, write James Manyika and Susan Lund in Harvard Business Review.
Article - CNN Business

Nearly one billion people have no form of legal ID

– Digital ID may be the next frontier in global value creation and a new force for inclusive growth, write Deepa Mahajan, James Manyika and Olivia White in CNN Business.
Article - Project Syndicate

The case for digital identification

– To secure personal data, rationalize online navigation, and boost financial inclusion, governments should embrace electronic IDs, write Anu Madgavkar and Olivia White in Project Syndicate.
Article - Project Syndicate

AI for human development

– While AI has considerable potential to serve the public good, key bottlenecks from education to risk reduction must be overcome, writes Michael Chui in Project Syndicate.
Article - VOX EU

Testing the resilience of Europe’s inclusive growth model

– Keeping the essence of Europe’s current inclusive growth model does not preclude it from adapting its current social contracts to protect its citizens, whatever the disruptions that lie ahead, write Jacques Bughin and Christopher Pissarides in VOX EU.
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MGI in the news

Reports issued by the McKinsey Global Institute are often cited in international media, and MGI authors frequently contribute to leading business publications. We offer a selection of articles below.