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Engagement Manager, Seoul

Adventuring into the unknown has been the most thrilling part of the journey at McKinsey. And with a great group of people who inspire and coach me all the time, my journey will only get more exciting going forward.

A new adventure

‘Adventure.’ ‘Exploration.’ ‘Pioneer.’ These words always have made my heart beat a little faster. When I was a kid, I used to enjoy reading books about exotic countries and dreaming of traveling there. I used to refuse to walk straight home on the main road, trying to find new small ways that would lead me to new and unknown places. Curiosity has driven me to figure out unknowns through asking questions, and randomness has taught me how to adapt to new environments. Sometimes, my little adventures became even more exciting with my friends, when I could lead them to my new places and wow them.

Being a consultant in McKinsey has been similar to being an adventurer. Clients ask us to help them solve their most difficult problems, and usually they can be only solved by exploring the unknown. The challenges have been multi-dimensional, from developing a strategy for a new business model to pioneer the nascent market where even the product has not been defined, to building a massive Excel model to understand and counteract the ambiguity of climate change. Problems sometimes show unexpected paths ahead to be travelled. As consultants, we are always innovating to see new approaches to problems based on problem-solving skills.

A network of support

On this journey, one might have sometimes felt frustrated because of that element of the unknown; however, at McKinsey, I feel I can suggest ideas with confidence thanks to the great team members I work with and with the firm’s experts behind me. On these adventurous journeys, a great group of companions with different experiences has always been an invaluable form of support. I learn from peers, team members, and senior consultants in every aspect, inspired by their willingness to help and to deliver genuine impact to clients. Working with exceptional people has been the most rewarding experience during my journey at McKinsey.


Harvard Business School

Seoul National University
BA, business administration