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Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Practice Knowledge Expert, Seoul

As a knowledge professional at McKinsey, you can get involved with the latest industry topics you are passionate about and contribute to one of the most valuable asset's the firm has, its knowledge.

Why McKinsey

Being a knowledge professional at McKinsey provides a number of benefits. First, it allows me to investigate the newest developments, trends, and hot issues across industries and regions. It also provides a sense of accomplishment through helping teams deliver the best of our firm’s knowledge to every client.

Since joining McKinsey fresh out of college as a resource analyst in 2000 I have addressed many different research topics—from locating bare macroeconomic statistics, to conducting deep-dive analysis of inorganic growth cases of multinational consumer goods manufacturers, to creating a compendium about the Korean retail industry. Through conducting relevant research, I was able to learn and grow as an individual, contribute to the firm’s knowledge, and also experience how my work is used in client discussions, which is always rewarding.

Creating your own McKinsey

McKinsey is a place where you can “create your own McKinsey” and become an expert in a topic you are passionate about. I have the flexibility to choose a topic, form an interest group, and invest time to create a knowledge piece. Getting inquiries and questions about the topic later from teams who are in discussions with clients or prospective clients makes you feel proud to be a part of McKinsey because our original research shapes opinions across the globe.

Last but not least, interacting with people across the firm with truly distinctive talent—whether other knowledge professionals or client teams—is another unique opportunity McKinsey provides. Researching topics in the consumer goods and retail arena, I frequently talk with client teams to understand the ultimate needs of the research and also with my colleagues in Japan, India, China, Germany, and the United States to discuss and share knowledge so that we can deliver the best of our resources to the teams. The interaction always provides additional insights and helps me grow professionally.


Yonsei University