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Senior Research Analyst, San José

As a wife and mom, having a great work-life balance is extremely important to me, and my peers and managers understand that.

What attracted you to McKinsey?

Given my background in journalism, I never pictured myself joining a consulting firm, because I was unsure how I could apply my journalistic passion in that environment. What attracted me to McKinsey were the possibilities to explore different topics within the business world, enter a fast-paced learning environment, and challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. In the Knowledge Network, I learn something new every day and build expertise on topics that I never thought would be so appealing. For example, I studied intellectual property briefly in school; at McKinsey, I’ve had the chance to develop my expertise in the area and even do analytical work on it.

How is the experience here similar to, or different from, what you expected?

When I joined McKinsey, I expected to meet smart people with amazing drive. However, I have also found a place where people are kind, helpful, and willing to take time to explain things. Everyone was genuinely open to ensuring that my onboarding experience was smooth. In our fast-paced business environment, coaching and people skills are highly valued, and that was something I appreciated when I joined—and still appreciate today!

Is there a strength that McKinsey has helped you develop?

When it comes to problem solving, I’m surrounded by talented people who support and develop solutions with me. McKinsey has empowered me with tools to take my problem-solving skills to the next level. Instead of jumping straight into a question, I make sure I rigorously define the problem, without assuming I already know how to solve it.

I see myself applying the McKinsey problem-solving methodology in my personal life, too. On a busy weekend, I often ask myself what I really want to accomplish—what will make the biggest impact—and then prioritize my actions to reach that goal.

How do you maintain the right work-life balance for yourself at McKinsey?

As a wife and mom, having a great work-life balance is extremely important to me, and my peers and managers understand that. Of course, there are times when I will choose to put in extra hours because I know I can make a difference for the client or grow professionally. As a Knowledge Network professional, I can work closely on client projects without having to be present at the client location every week. It is a situation that works well for me.