July 2021

The State of Grocery Retail 2021 - North America

This report is part of McKinsey’s broader global series The State of Grocery Retail, an annual publication covering three continents (including Asia–Pacific, the European Union, and North America). Our goal is to frame major trends and issues for CEOs seeking to stay ahead of market shifts. To bring a holistic view of industry dynamics, we complemented our colleagues’ insights and analyses with surveys and interviews with grocery executives.

Articles in this collection


The state of grocery in North America

– As the industry looks beyond the pandemic, grocery retailers must determine which trends will endure. A focus on five areas will separate the winners from the rest of the pack.

Making online grocery a winning proposition

– The global pandemic brought online platforms to center stage for grocers. Retailers should consider five trends and take five steps to ensure this shift is sustainable and profitable.

Grocers can fuel growth with advanced analytics

– Organizational maturity will be a critical element for grocery retailers seeking to unlock the full potential of analytics.

Automation opportunities in North American grocery

– Recent trends and technological advancements have made automation viable across the value chain.

Prioritizing flexibility: How grocers can get the most out of technology

– Grocers have realized technology is core to their strategies, but flexibility is key to generate value from new technologies—now and in the future.

The potential for powerhouse Private Brands: an updated view

– In the past year, consumers have snapped up private-label goods at grocers. Will this trend last beyond the pandemic? Only if grocers develop a compelling brand strategy and operating model.