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McKinsey on Investing, Number 1
Back to Our Insights Issue 1, Winter 2014/15

McKinsey on Investing

A new publication that brings together the best thinking from McKinsey's investor-focused practices.

Articles in this issue


The $64 trillion question: Convergence in asset management

– Traditional asset managers and alternatives specialists are eagerly contending for an outsize share of a rapidly growing industry.

A new era for asset management: A discussion with Edward Bonham Carter

– A leading manager shares his views on an industry undergoing profound change.

Private equity: Changing perceptions and new realities

– Industry performance is better than previously thought, but success is getting harder to repeat. Investors and firms will need to adapt to changing conditions.

A conversation with Jim Coulter

– The veteran investor discusses alternative assets, shifting currents within the industry, and how management fees are like a two-by-four.

Money isn’t everything (but we need $57 trillion for infrastructure)

– A massive funding gap will open in coming years. New research shows how to close part of it.

Private equity in India: Once overestimated, now underserved

– General partners can use lessons from the past decade to build a new and better future.

From indexes to insights: The rise of thematic investing

– Leading institutions say this new approach can deliver better performance over the long term than their traditional methods. Here’s how they’re putting it in place.

What overachieving institutional investors get right

– No single practice or behavior explains success. Instead, top investors work across five dimensions to achieve excellence.

Focusing capital on the long term

– Dominic Barton, McKinsey’s global managing director, and Mark Wiseman, president and CEO of Canada’s largest pension fund, explain why big investors are crucial to ending the plague of short-termism.

Uncovering hidden investment opportunities in Africa

– Recent research on the African private-equity market reveals a mismatch between supply and demand for financing that could point to investment opportunities.

Private-equity operations: Inside the black box

– Initiatives to accelerate growth are a priority; cost cutting is seen as a commodity skill.

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