Health International, Issue 12

Health systems are innovating to add value, improve outcomes and enhance care.

Articles in this issue


Changing patient behavior: the next frontier in healthcare value

– To address the rising cost of chronic conditions, health systems must find effective ways to get people to adopt healthier behaviors. A new person-centric approach to behavior change is likely to improve the odds of success.

Creating and sustaining change in nursing care delivery

– By giving nurses more control over their work environment and more opportunities for professional advancement, hospitals and health systems can reduce nurse turnover, lower costs, and improve patient care.

Frontline lessons in transforming a large university hospital: An interview with Daniel Moinard and Julien Samson

– The CEO and deputy CEO of the Hospices Civils de Lyon, France's second-largest university-hospital network, share their experience leading the institution's transformation.

How to improve clinical behavior in primary care

– Getting GPs to make significant changes to their day-to-day activities can be difficult. But the result can be better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Private health insurance in China: Finding the winning formula

– As China is moving toward full enrollment of the population into basic medical insurance schemes, limitations of the public system become apparent. What roles can private insurers play to address unmet needs in China's evolving market?

Using payments to drive cost-reducing innovations

– When properly designed, outcomes-based payments can encourage innovations that improve care quality and reduce costs. How can you tell if your design is right?