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Risk & Resilience


Banking models after COVID-19: Taking model-risk management to the next level

– The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed unexpected flaws in the business models that banks rely upon. How can they best address this... challenge?
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Managing the LIBOR transition under uncertainty

– The COVID-19 pandemic and market fallout have complicated the transition of LIBOR to alternative benchmarks. Here is how financial... institutions can stay on track. 
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A KYC–AML utility: Driving scale, efficiency, and effectiveness

– By creating an effective utility, banks can better solve their rising KYC – AML challenges — at lower cost.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Climate risk and response: Physical hazards and socioeconomic impacts

– How could Earth’s changing climate impact socioeconomic systems across the world in the next three decades? A yearlong, cross-disciplinary... research effort at McKinsey & Company provides some answers.
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Is your bank ready for the LIBOR transition?

– Our recent industry survey suggests that many are not. Here are the questions bank leaders need to ask as they seek to catch up.
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Thriving not just surviving in retail banking

– Rethinking retail banking models at the intersection of risk, sales, and customer outcomes.
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From strength to strength: The AML industry in 2019

– Highlights from the speeches at the podium and the backroom conversations at ACAMS, a leading anti–money laundering industry... conference.
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Making your KYC remediation efforts risk and value-based

– Banks are sitting on large know-your-customer (KYC) and due diligence backlogs. Four steps can cut them quickly and improve the... customer experience by ensuring remediation efforts are better aligned with business value and the potential risks each customer poses.
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Digital ID: The opportunities and the risks

– Digital ID has the potential to deliver significant benefits for both individuals and banks across the world. There are risks,... however, that demand well-designed, proper controls. 
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Network analytics and the fight against money laundering

– Network analytics has the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness of AML programs. But banks need the right external... data sources and network science capabilities, and deep subject matter expertise, to get the benefits.
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The power of digital lending

– In this video, McKinsey Partner Gerald Chappell explores how digital lending can improve performance, and talks about what banking... leaders should know before they embark on the transformation.
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