Financial decision-maker sentiment: Turkey

Most financial decision makers in Turkey believe the current economy is weak or neutral, and expectations for the economy in 3 months have weakened again with 46 percent believing it will worsen (up from 38 percent in June). Similarly, while over half state their financial situation as weak or somewhat weak, only 30 percent expect it to worsen. 68 percent of consumers have experienced reduced household savings, while only a third have been able to reduce household spending. Concerns about job security have increase again to 76 percent of respondents, and 43 percent have less than 4 months of savings to live off. Net sentiment for bank performance is positive, with a third of consumers believing banks are performing above expectations, but many would still like banks to educate them on how to use mobile tools. In total, almost 70 percent of consumers are unsure or optimistic about a quick recovery.

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