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A new era in banking

Until recently, success in banking was mostly about finding the right markets.

The state of the global banking-intermediation engine in 2017

The global banking industry intermediated nearly $250 trillion in 2017, generating $4.8 trillion in revenues.

Getting hitched

Not too long ago, fintech companies were a threat. Now banks are joining forces with start-ups to jump-start innovation, especially... in payments.

Reaching critical mass?

Digital disruption has now penetrated the key retail-banking segments.

Scramble at the top

Shifts in the industry’s league table are the result of investors’ changing views.

It’s a multipolar world

Banking is a big part of some economies; others, not so much. Both kinds of markets have something to interest bankers.

Dissecting the benefits of scale

Cost efficiency improves with size, especially in digitized markets, but size does not determine fate.


Podcast - Talking Banking Matters

Driven by purpose: 15 years of M‑Pesa’s evolution

– M‑Pesa Africa’s managing director Sitoyo Lopokoiyit shares his views on running one of Africa’s first fintechs.

How to harness the power of teams in life insurance

– Teaming can unlock significant value in North America’s life insurance sector, but only if insurance carriers reimagine... their distribution model across five dimensions.

Managing financial crime risk in digital payments

– To face down the financial-crime threat, payments service providers can learn from banks while utilizing their own advanced technological... skills.

Proposed climate rule signals new era for real estate

– The SEC’s draft regulation would require all public companies to disclose emissions and risks related to their real estate.... Here’s why the real-estate industry should move preemptively.

Reinventing credit cards: Responses to new lending models in the US

– Buy now, pay later could pose a challenge to credit cards’ leading position in US payments. To sustain profitable growth,... issuers may need to rethink their products, economics, and value propositions.

Wake up and see the women: Wealth management’s underserved segment

– As more assets in Western Europe shift into the hands of women, wealth managers need to understand the investment needs and behaviors... of this large—but as yet underserved—group of investors.

Author Talks: How to build a damn good business

– Business guidance can hinge on an assumption of existing financial access, making the advice irrelevant to budding entrepreneurs... with less privilege. Kathryn Finney seeks to level the playing field.

Unbundling value: How leading insurers identify competitive advantage

– For US life insurers to address new and old challenges, they need a fresh approach to their business model and how they create... value.

Addressing unequal opportunity in an American city

– Spatial inequality limits opportunities for millions of Americans. How can companies leverage their unique positions to promote... sustainable, inclusive growth in the communities they call home?

Mobile wallets: Southeast Asia’s new digital life hack

– Mobile-payment wallets have taken the Southeast Asian payments sector by storm, but where next for this groundbreaking technology?... Three leaders in the field share their insights.

How banks can reimagine lending to small and medium-size enterprises

– If banks reimagine and modernize their business-lending processes, they can take advantage of new opportunities with SMEs and... capture more of the forecast growth.
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