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A new era in banking

Until recently, success in banking was mostly about finding the right markets.

The state of the global banking-intermediation engine in 2017

The global banking industry intermediated nearly $250 trillion in 2017, generating $4.8 trillion in revenues.

Getting hitched

Not too long ago, fintech companies were a threat. Now banks are joining forces with start-ups to jump-start innovation, especially... in payments.

Reaching critical mass?

Digital disruption has now penetrated the key retail-banking segments.

Scramble at the top

Shifts in the industry’s league table are the result of investors’ changing views.

It’s a multipolar world

Banking is a big part of some economies; others, not so much. Both kinds of markets have something to interest bankers.

Dissecting the benefits of scale

Cost efficiency improves with size, especially in digitized markets, but size does not determine fate.



Insurance: Transforming risk and compliance

– As economies emerge from the pandemic and plan for the next decade of growth, insurance companies need to rethink the strategic... function of risk.

CBDC and stablecoins: Early coexistence on an uncertain road

– With the rapid rise in circulation of stablecoins over the past couple of years, central banks have stepped up efforts to explore... their own stable digital currencies.

Future of Asia: The future of financial services

– Changes in Asia's consumer markets offer new and diverse opportunities for growth.

How transaction banks are reinventing treasury services

– As clients demand solutions to enhance their corporate treasury activities, banks are increasingly partnering with fintechs and... software players.

Merchant acquiring and the $100 billion opportunity in small business

– What will it take to grow in the age of value-added services? Our work with payments practitioners suggests a few promising strategies... for serving smaller companies.

Global payments 2021: Transformation amid turbulent undercurrents

– The global payments sector is poised for a quick return to healthy growth, but the benefits will not flow evenly to all participants.

Crossing the horizon: North American asset management in the 2020s

– The past 18 months have planted multiple seeds of disruption which are setting a dynamic new horizon of growth for the industry... in the coming decade.

Unlocking the banking technology workforce

– Leading banks have made deep-seated changes to their technology spending priorities, role mix, and talent mix, unlocking a step... change in productivity.

From tech tool to business asset: How banks are using B2B APIs to fuel growth

– Banks can use APIs to generate income growth from corporate customer segments, improve customer experience, and fuel innovation.

Lessons from the rapidly evolving regulation of digital banking

– Regulators seeking ways to balance protection of customers’ interests, financial institutions’ risks, and their other... policy objectives for digital banking can learn from early regulatory experiences.

Global perspectives on insurtechs

– The growth of insurtechs is driving innovation and disruption in the industry. Four McKinsey experts discuss the current state... and the future evolution of the field.
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