Commercial Lending Forum

The past 10 years have produced tremendous uncertainty within the commercial lending arena, yet potentially more opportunity than ever before as well. Whether leveraging new technologies to digitize the end-to-end credit journey, competing with new fintech players over small-business financing, or anticipating shifts in macroeconomic tides, commercial-banking executives are on the forefront of change. The Commercial Lending Forum is designed to give our members the knowledge required to turn uncertainty into opportunity and opportunity into value.
Continuing the winning formula established by our Cash Management Forum, the Commercial Lending Forum creates an unrivaled environment for executive discussion led by innovative leaders who push the thinking on the critical issues shaping the industry. Please contact us to understand how your institution can become a member of the Commercial Lending Forum and join the premier event where senior lending executives share knowledge, discuss new ideas, and lead change.

Stay tuned – we will soon open registration for our upcoming Commercial Lending Forum (May 23-24 in Chicago, IL)

Opportunities for Commercial Lending Forum members

Examine key industry trends and leading-edge business applications through fully interactive meetings and presentations.

Build an extensive network with fellow senior commercial-banking executives and innovators.

Access detailed summaries of each meeting and exclusive research reports on industry-leading issues.


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