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Harness one of the largest analytics datasets in the global financial services industry and become a true banking expert
GCI Analytics is the analytical backbone of McKinsey’s commercial banking and payments work. Joining GCI will give you the opportunity to tackle critical problems faced by the world’s leading financial institutions while collaborating with the brightest strategic, analytical, and engineering minds in the industry.


Solution Analyst

Develop and master product management skills while working on multiclient studies in the Commercial Banking Insights or Global Payments Research teams

Data Engineer

Operate in the agile analytics lab to connect data with robust technologies in cloud computing, the data pipeline, and within workflow management

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We work across the financial services industry to transform organizations with deep analytics, research, and insights

Shape the future of our industry

At GCI, you’ll utilize sophisticated portfolio analytics and tailor insights to various clients on everything from commercial banks looking to grow in an increasingly competitive market to innovative payment and technology ventures looking to outperform an already booming industry.

Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of experts

As part of the GCI team, you will have the opportunity to work with and develop our product portfolio while learning from data analysts, industry experts, software engineers and architects, and developing a wider perspective of the industry overall.

Develop your path to leadership

You’ll help set the course for leading commercial banks and payments companies. With a supportive career progression plan and freedom to innovate, you’ll evolve into a technical leader who builds cutting-edge solutions or become an expert client advisor and leader.

Work with the largest and premier banking dataset

You’ll work with terabytes of transaction-level data and hundreds of financial institutions to discover nuanced and highly accurate insights for your clients.

Build your network

Leveraging GCI’s extensive network, you’ll develop strong relationships with client executive sponsors and McKinsey partners in commercial banking and payments.

Operate in an agile lab environment

You will be part of an agile analytics lab, where you will have the opportunity to connect data with robust technologies in cloud computing, the data pipeline, and within workflow management.

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With a shared passion for data, GCI’s global community gives you the opportunity to help solve crucial business problems, and work alongside industry experts, data analysts, and engineers.


Solution Analyst, Global Payments Research


Solution Leader, Global Payments Research


Solution Analyst, Commercial Banking Insights


Team Leader, Engineering

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