Natural Capital and Nature

Supporting clients in their transition to a net-zero and nature-positive economy.
Global economic activity fundamentally depends on natural capital, which is the world’s stock of natural assets.
Human activity is deemed to be outside the “safe operating space” for at least six out of the nine so-called planetary boundaries: biodiversity loss, chemical and plastic pollution, forest cover loss, freshwater consumption, greenhouse-gas emissions, and nutrient pollution. The destabilization of any of these systems could result in irreversible and adverse environmental changes that would have significant local and global impacts.

How we help clients

Our Natural Capital and Nature team works with leaders from across sectors and geographies to enable the transition to a net-zero and nature-positive economy. Leveraging our industry research and advanced analytics, we co-create implementation strategies that generate new ROI-positive opportunities while identifying and managing systemic risks. The private, public, and social sectors each have a critical role to play in restoring nature.
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Environmental Sustainability

Our strategy helps us minimize the impact our firm has on the environment.

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