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About this practice

McKinsey's Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Practice brings direct experience and deep expertise to commercial and government organizations grappling with significant shifts in demand and funding for aircraft, equipment and defense-related services. Our experience extends from strategy and R&D to product development and logistics performance. We serve more than 75 percent of the top 25 aerospace and defense companies in the world, and support numerous defense agencies in both mature and emerging markets.

Who we are

McKinsey is committed to helping aerospace and defense organizations realize their strategic visions and meet mission-critical goals. We continually invest in developing unique capabilities, insights and tools to serve our clients. Our global practice comprises more than 500 consultants with defense experience and over 100 professionals with direct A&D and military experience. Our global teams of supply chain and logistics experts help our clients address the complex business-management issues at the heart of aerospace and defense.

What we do

Our teams serve commercial aerospace leaders in most segments of the industry. Our clients range from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for aircraft in the commercial, business, commuter, cargo and military sectors to defense contractors to satellite and space transportation firms. We partner with these organizations to help them improve operations, program affordability and growth. We have long-standing relationships with ministries and departments of defense worldwide, helping them rescale their personnel, operations and maintenance and procurement programs as defense commitments change. We also provide strategic infrastructure planning to aviation and airport authorities.