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Rahadian Dewandono

Senior Digital AnalystJakarta

Rahadian Dewandono

Senior Digital AnalystJakarta

McKinsey’s commitment to impact aligns with my personal mission to leave meaningful legacies.

What I do

As a digital consultant at McKinsey, I help clients make their key business enabler digital.

My path to McKinsey

I started my career working at product-development companies. Prior to joining McKinsey, I worked on a team that developed a cloud-based mining software to improve operations.

Choosing McKinsey

I wanted to work at McKinsey ever since participating in Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI). McKinsey serves as a knowledge partner on YLI. I quickly realized that McKinsey is not only a place to work, but it is an incubator for social impact. McKinsey’s commitment to impact aligns with my personal mission to leave meaningful legacies.

Developing professionally

When I told a senior leader that I wanted to learn more about cutting-edge technology, he connected me with the Digital Labs team, found a project with the exposure I sought, and eventually helped me get certified in this technology. McKinsey has also helped me in unexpected ways. I have improved my written and oral communication skills here. The firm has transformed me from a quiet coder to a more articulate software architect.

A truly global firm

I worked on a project with colleagues representing ten different nationalities from seven McKinsey offices. Our diversity was a clear strength—it drove our team thinking to the next level.

The people at McKinsey

I describe my colleagues as smart and humble. I work with an inspiring tech leader who has spoken at several world-class conferences. Despite his accomplishments and high profile, he is so humble and he always offers his time to help me solve problems.

Advice for applying to McKinsey

If you are a techie like me, be sure that your portfolio showcases impact. Also, be open-minded and willing to broaden your tech specialty.


Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology
MS, computer science
BS, computer science