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Oct 17 2019

Inside McKinsey

Discover the best of what McKinsey has to offer.

  • Who are the people we work with?
  • What kind of work do we do?
  • What does our office look like?

Every year our office opens its doors to interested students who are invited to join us for an afternoon to get to know McKinsey better through a personal experience.

Beyond getting exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to our office space, we'll also introduce you to the multitude of possibilities on how you can enrich your career at McKinsey. More details coming soon!


Working in Hungary

A career at McKinsey is an opportunity to work with remarkable people and help shape growth and innovation in leading companies in Hungary and around the world. Our close-knit Budapest office is known for its culture of entrepreneurship, mentoring, and constant learning. We welcome applications from outstanding graduates and experienced professionals.

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