Your inflation playbook

In the face of US inflation rates not seen since the 1980s, the Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point in May—and markets expect the central bank to continue raising rates aggressively in the coming months. In the eurozone and the United Kingdom, the consumer price index this month rose to record highs amid concerns over the ongoing war in Ukraine and subsequent impact on Europe’s energy supply. How will this inflationary environment affect customers, suppliers, and shareholders? And how can business leaders guide their management teams, employees, boards, and external stakeholders through this period of uncertainty? Explore these insights to get up to speed on the latest, and dive deeper on ways your organization can respond, including:

  • how CEOs can manage the impact of the current higher-inflation environment successfully and establish a new level of organizational resilience
  • why companies should adjust their business operations quickly and decisively to reduce their exposure to rising costs
  • five key ways for companies to adapt to sales-led pricing while maintaining long-term value

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